Becoming Politically Involved

It is a very weird thing that those who least need to be ‘politically involved’ seem to be most likely to be ‘politically involved’. For example, there is this female MP (I forget her name) who is a medical doctor. I assume that she had a GP practice before standing for election as an MP. She may still own that practice and have it ‘managed’ for all I know. It is an interesting thing that the Labour Party arose via the discontent of workers with the status quo, and that its existence is, in political terms, quite recent. Trade Unions and the Labour Party were the same object; without the trade unions, there would have been no Labour Party. When the Labour Party was created, it was because there was a need for such a party. Efforts by the aristocrats to squash the uprising could not prevail against the massive popular uprising. I suspect that the aristocrats were relieved that they did not lose their heads, a la French Revolution.

Reading stuff about the Sugar Tax today, I became acutely aware that Jamie Oliver has been a conduit for anti-sugar tax electricity, in the same way that a lightning conductor drains lightning electricity. He has received a lot of flack because of his recipes and his restaurant dishes which contain loads of sugar. I wonder how much he has been paid to be the conductor?

Jamie Oliver is irrelevant and always has been! He has been paid to take the flack and distract us all from the real culprits. Who are the real culprits? Well, it is perfectly obvious. Cameron was doubtful, but changed his mind when the ease of raising tax income came to mind.

Osborne said that he expected the Sugar Tax to raise half a billion pounds of tax monies. That expectation can only exist if the vast majority of people continue with their habits as they are now.


What has become more and more obvious, since the UK joined the EU, is that more and more MPs are from Special Interest Groups. Why should that not be so, since all the important MATTERS OF STATE have been divested to the EU? The Queen might well be the embodiment of The United Kingdom, but she has been relegated to a non-supporter of England, Wales or Scotland rugby union teams. She has to be a non-supporter because she must love them all.


To me, the Sugar Tax, multiplied by the Plain Packaging stuff (and they MUST be multiplied rather than added) amount to a movement towards capital punishment rather than life imprisonment.


My important point is that smoking bans and persecution of smokers depends upon the people who are elected to be MPs. The Prime Minister himself must first be elected as an MP. Cameron has turned out to be an anti-smoker and so is Osborne and all the rest of the sycophants. They do not give a shit about whom they hurt and ‘exile to the outside’ of society. Fuck the Sugar Tax: what about the massive rise in tobacco duties?

I don’t understand how these ‘special interest’ people get elected. That is another thing which is corrupt in our democracy.


The EU is a distraction, and a massive waste of the billions of pounds which we pay to fund the monolithic, unaccountable, corrupt Empire. What matters is the NATURE of our Parliament. Anyone who advocates the transfer of our sovereignty is a traitor. Our Sovereignty as a Nation is paramount.

Soubry MP, as the Health Minister, voted for the Tobacco Directive without knowing what it contained. Milton MP  said that our Government MUST obey the dictats of the FCTC Treaty. THERE IS NO SUCH TREATY!!!!

Cameron’s vacillations are evidence enough that he and his cabinet do not give a shit about the welfare of the people. They have  allowed themselves to be corrupted by the idea of ‘wellbeing’, which idea has no meaning.


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