A Big Increase in Visitors and Views

I’m not going to reveal totals because I have no intention or revealing anything that is ‘secret’ to ASH ET AL. Suffice to say that, for some reason or other, there has been an enormous jump in viewers and visitors from Australia viewing my post about the law in Australia governing the growing of tobacco plants in Australia. Here is a link to that post:


Very briefly, around 1911 severe restrictions were placed upon the movement of tobacco plants and seeds in Australia. It is really weird that that was so at that time. What was the point? One can only guess. Was it because there was a budding tobacco plantation industry, owned by aristocrats,  which needed protection? Or was it that the climate and land in Australia was so perfect for tobacco plants that they would have spread like wildfire had the seeds not been restricted? I do not know.

Whatever… That law was never repealed, and so Australians are forbidden to grow tobacco plants. Except that they are not…. Well, not really. I know for a fact that many Australians grow their own in greenhouses. I also know that some people have asked for official permission to grow plants and been refused. The reason given was concerned with ‘security’. That is a really weird reason since it vaguely assumes that tobacco plantations all over the world are surrounded by high walls and watch towers. But those are the sort of excuses that Tobacco Control uses, are they not? TC is a scam, and always has been.

For some reason or other, there has been a massive increase in visitors from Australia and views of that post. I wonder if it can have anything to do with recent revelations that the Aussie Nanny State intends to massively increase tobacco taxes? Frankly, I must admit that if I lived in Australia, and such massive tax increases were imposed, I would deliberately stop smoking for three months or so. I have done it before and I could do it again. Only the first three days are difficult, and they are really difficult. The urge to light up is really, really strong. But that is what is weird about it. It is not an urge to smoke as such. It is an urge to light a cig. I am smoking now, as I type, but by that I mean that I have a cig lit. When I stop typing to think, I take a drag. Like now….

What would be really great would be a really strong smokers association. I do not understand why no such association has emerged. Personally, I think that the reason is that smokers have, for decades, been suffering from ‘guilt trips’. They believed the low-scale drip-drip propaganda and despised themselves. But suppose that demonisation of alcohol had reached similar levels? Suppose that people despised themselves for going to the pub and having a couple of pints of ale? According to ASH ET AL, 75% of smokers agree that tobacco taxes should be increase provided that the increased money was spent on smoking cessation. It really is hard to believe that turkeys vote for Christmas, but it seems that they do. I assume that what ASH ET AL say is true. Either it is or it isn’t.


Perhaps it does not matter. There is a sleeping giant out there which will one day wake up. It is kept asleep by ample doses of extremely expensive tobacco control narcotics. But the tobacco control narcotic doses have be increased and increased.


In the last couple of days,I have vacillated about breaking free from the dead hand of the EU, only because the EU tobacco directives are not as bad as the laws which Cameron et al have passed. That idea is a trap. We need Brexit so that our politicians cannot hide behind EU directives. It is utterly ridiculous that some young, junior minister, with no experience whatsoever, and who is ignorant of what a directive contains, can override Parliamentary procedure and get away with it. The fact that it happened with Soubry MP, health minister at the time, assisted by the smarmy get, Andrew Black, ought to have produced huge, flashing signs that all was not well. Soubry committed the UK without authority to do so.

For me, the fact that CAMERON ET AL decided to let it pass speaks volumes. The reality is that it was scandalous and that it should never have been allowed to pass.


It is impossible not to believe that there is a comparatively small group of people who intend to control the whole world. I mean, it is not impossible to consider that thought. I shall ask again: “Who decided that Cameron was to be the leader of the Conservative Party?” When you think about it, he appeared from nowhere.


So today has been a spectacular day for this blog. My guess is that someone or someones have started to think about the persecution of smokers via taxes, for that is what they have become – persecution. I have no doubt that the Nazis in Germany made Jews pay more in tax. Do not let tobacco control dilute the comparison. Doll himself associated with German anti-tobacco extremists pre-war. The comparison is genuine and real.

So we have had a best day ever, statistically. Not that it matters. But it is a sweet moment.


8 Responses to “A Big Increase in Visitors and Views”

  1. castello2 Says:

    Those aussies are in a heap of trouble. I wonder WHO is in charge! Do your new visitors comment at all or have you just had a large influx of views?
    Hopefully we can help them figure out a way to maintain some sanity around TC down under.

    • junican Says:

      Comments on that post were closed years ago. But they could enter the blog and comment currently if they wished to. I have seen no comments. I suspect that most Australians do not even know that there is such a law.

  2. Smoking Lamp Says:

    I suspect the Australians are looking for ideas to counter the tobacco control noose as the march toward prohibition picks up pace down under. Hopefully a number of smokers clubs form in Oz!

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I always thought that in Australia men were men etc. Now I realise they are pathetic wimps when I hear the way their nanny state is being allowed to grow. Its really frightening.
    Over here no one ever asks me whether I like paying £10 for my cigarettes. ASH talk complete bollocks and its really time a powerful smokers (not vapers) organisation emerged to stand up for us. We are systematically having all our freedoms stripped from us and being made to pay for it.
    The fight back should begin. Individuals can do their bit by refusing to accept park bans etc and its time pub groups did their bit too.

  4. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    ” According to ASH ET AL, 75% of smokers agree that tobacco taxes should be increase provided that the increased money was spent on smoking cessation. ”

    A poll can say just about anything the one footing the bill WANTS it to say. Here’s how one major polling group used by the Antis here in the US framed it on their website a few years ago:

    ““Some pollsters simply report on opinions. We use the most sophisticated analytical tools available to understand the motivations of consumers and voters so we can intervene in their decision-making processes to produce the outcomes our clients want.””

    There are just SOOOO many ways to nudge the answers to create what you want.

    What Q’s are asked.
    How they are worded.
    What order they’re in.
    What introduction is given.
    Who the poll is introduced as being for.
    What time of day people are contacted.
    What day of the week is chosen.
    What venue/method (phone/door2door/mallkiosk/MD office) is used
    Whether any form of compensation is offered or hinted at.
    Whether the caller is male or female.
    What geographic area is covered.
    Voting statuses & parties of respondents.
    What the age/income/marriage statuses in that area are.
    What “diversionary topics” (if any) are covered to hide the real one.
    How long the poll is & What position (early/late) the vital Q’s are in.
    Whether you allow “opinion steam-off talkings” between questions.
    How you “guide” respondents stuck between two choices.
    Whether you force choices or allow skipping.
    What accent your callers have.
    How many choices are offered in multiple choice.
    Whether callers generally read the newspaper, or have a computer, or have kids, or live in a flat, or own a car, or like to tipple, or enjoy skinning innocent kitty cats as a hobby.

    I’ve never tried making such a list before, and all the above came out at pretty much my typing speed. Give me a focus group of trained and experienced PR professionals and a week to design the survey, and I could practically have Old Adolph beating out Old Winnie for Prime Minister.

    It’s the same kind of scam as the SCAMMEC (Smoking Claimed Attributable Morbidity, Mortality and Economic Costs) computer program: give me the power to define the formulae and variables and include/exclude confounders and I can prove ANYTHING!

    – MJM, who, by the way is quite pleased by the sudden brainstorm I had in that last paragraph. LOL! SCAMMEC! So PERFECT! We should start regularly using it, without comment (although it’ll be important to spell the acronym out like I did here) and then be able to jump on the clueless, humorless Anti who’ll say, “Oh, you don’t even know the correct name of the program!” … thereby giving you the opening to let the whole world laugh at their cluelessness when you point out how appropriate and deliberate the new name is. :>

    • smokingscot Says:

      Michael, the figure quoted by Junican comes from this document.

      It’s on page 4 at number 16


      “However, even if the industry did pass on the full cost of any levy, the public would support such a levy if it were spent on tobacco control measures. Indeed 78% of the adult population, including a majority of smokers, would support a levy that raised an additional £500 million if money raised were to be used to discourage youth uptake and help smokers to quit.16 If any money raised simply went into the Consolidated Fund this would be an unfair additional
      burden on smokers, who are predominantly amongst the poorest and most disadvantaged in society.”

      And at the foot of that page they reference the source of that profound statement.

      “West R. Public support for a tobacco levy. Smoking Toolkit Study. 2006”


      As I mention in my latest post it’s straightforward deceit on the part of ASH. The world in 2006 was a lot more trusting of so called experts. We most certainly are not now.

      So why do they do it? Because they can’t even get to a 50% figure now. In fact if Mr. Clark’s poll is anything to go by, less than 25% might consider a levy a good thing.


      By the way he gives a broad brush-stroke figure for the cost of a pack of ciggies and 25g of rolling tobacco and the rate of exchange is £1 = $1.44, and 25 grams = 0.88 oz.

      Even Bloomberg can’t top that!

  5. junican Says:

    The Aussie Government is playing with fire. The Laffer Curve is quite gentle – taxes are accepted until a peak is reached, at which point people slowly start to stop buying a few at a time. I don’t think that that is a true picture as regards tobacco. I think that there will come a point where smokers are so pissed off that they stop buying licit cigs in droves. The Laffer Curve only applies when other things are equal, but, in this situation, other things are far from equal. It isn’t smokers clubs which will bring an end to the madness. It is crims.

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