When my daughters were youngish I often asked them this question: “What is the purpose of light switches?” They got used to me asking them that and replied, “Sod off, Dad”. Well, not in precisely those words. Being female, they had to circumnavigate and respond with distractions, such as, “But you left the light on in the kitchen the other day!”

So what is the purpose of light switches? It can only be ‘to switch the lights off’. The logic is perfectly simple. It would be quite simple to wire up a light without a switch, in which case, the light would be on permanently. Why not have lights on permanently? If you go into a bank, you will find that there are lights on all over the place. They are only switched off when the staff go home, which, in winter, is when it goes dark. So the lights are on in the daytime, when they are not really needed, and switched off at night, when they are needed.

Householders have to be more economical. They have to think about costs. To save on electricity bills, it makes sense to switch the electric lights off when they are not needed. It follows the basic purpose of light switches is to switch lights off. Sure,when the time is right, the switches are used to switch the lights on again, but that is not their primary purpose.

The same applies to doors. Disregarding the front door and the back door, and referring only to internal doors, what is their purpose? It can only be to block the opening. That is, they are for closing. Opening them is a nuisance. From the point of view of entering a room, it would be much more convenient if there were no doors, or if the doors were left open almost all of the time. We have doors which we sometimes lock for security purposes, and doors to block drafts, and doors to block sounds. That is what they are for.

That is the basic problem that the anti-ecig zealots face. Regarding ecigs, there is not a swing door. For people who decide, of their own accord, to stop or cut down on tobacco cigs, the ecig door is for closing, and only for closing. This idea needs a bit of counter-intuitive thinking. When a vaper opens the door, he permits himself to enjoy a tobacco cig. He then firmly closes the door again. There is no way for the tobacco cigs to force the door open. It can only be opened from the outside. Thus, the vaper has to decide to open the door to tobacco cigs. Tobacco cigs do not make the decision to open the door.

The idea that a youth who tries an ecig will be tempted to smoke tobacco cigs makes no sense directly. Such temptation most come from elsewhere since ecigs are not remotely anything like tobacco cigs. To say that they are similar is much the same as saying that an open door is the same as a closed door, or that an electric light switch which is ‘on’ is the same as a switch which is ‘off’.

If ecigs are a substitute for tobacco cigs, then there is no downside to them. It does not really matter if some youths try ecigs and then start to actually smoke tobacco cigs. The door is either open or closed; the switch is either on or off.


Here is an article at ‘The Conversation’ (a site not known for its tolerance):

The article is headed:

“The most damaging gateway to hard drugs? Drugs policy itself.”

Frankly, the article is crap since it suggests that people who are suffering from serious pain should not be prescribed opiates to block the pain because they might become ‘addicted’.


What is becoming more and more clear is that The Zealots, as portrayed by the FCTC organisation, the WHO, and the EU, have far, far, far exceeded their remit. Cameron must be simple minded to campaign for the EU. The only way to reform it is from the outside, and that goes for the UN etc. STOP GIVING THEM OUR MONEY! STOP GIVING THEM MONEY DERIVED FROM TAXPAYERS!  BAN ‘COMMON PURPOSE’ AS AN ILLEGAL, TRAITOROUS ORGANISATION.

MPs are supposed to protect their constituents. That is what they are for. They do not exist to cruelly persecute a minority of their constituents.

‘Cruelty’ is endemic in anti-smoker legislation.


There is something seriously wrong with our Democracy when our Chief Officer applauds dictatorial edicts which cannot be reversed. There is no way out. The edicts are perfect

We might think about the imperfections of perfect edicts again.


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