The Complacency of the EU And Others

We all suffer from the effects of complacency. It is natural for us to do so. We find a nice, simple way to solve some problem, or find some simple way to get control, and we assume that it will always be just as easy to deal with other problems in the same way. For most of the time, it works, and we become more and more complacent.

That has been the case with the EU and Tobacco Control for a couple of decades. I have linked the EU and Tobacco Control deliberately because of the links between the EU and the UN, over and above the requirements of EU Treaties. But it is also true of Climate Control and a myriad of other control freakeries.

The EU has been building itself up for several decades with the help of a succession of Control Freaks like Blair, Brown, Cameron et al. In order to JUSTIFY such control, debilities had to be found. Thus arose ‘health inequality’, and, according to the UN, ‘The Human Right’ to be healthy.


What is important is to understand how such ‘rights’, ephemeral though they may be, convert into prohibitions. Is it true that all the EU laws have been prohibitions? All the Directives have been prohibitions in one way or another? A Directive that all bananas must be straight prohibits bananas which are bent.


What has been happening in the recent past has been the increase in confidence in the EU bureaucracy that it can get its way. Article 20 of the TobCon Directive is a case in point. But the invasion of immigrants has shown that the EU is all blather, hot air and squeamishness.

But I have no doubt that MPs will approve the Directive. That shows that they no longer represent the people, but, instead, represent special interest groups of which they are part.

But their complacency will be their downfall. People have said that this referendum will seal the fate of the UK forever. No. There is no reason that the EU Treaties should not be abrogated at any time. They are not ‘LAW’.


I am astonished that Cameron does not see that he should, as Prime Minister, be above the dirty tricks of fearmongering.  He should be neutral. But is that assertiveness not indicative of agreement with the complacency which has allowed the EU to throw billions of pounds at white elephant projects?

You do not need to give a shit about how you throw other people’s money about, provided that you do not give a shit about COMPLACENCY.


2 Responses to “The Complacency of the EU And Others”

  1. themorrigan1972 (@themorrigan1972) Says:

    Oddly enough the very complaints we all seem to share about being trapped by regulators and insane regulations seems to be a worldwide problem.
    What shocks even me is the desire to implement European style nanny states everywhere
    Nobody wants to live this way so why is it so widespread?

    • junican Says:

      It took decades for the infrastructure to be set up, starting with the WHO in 1948. Health Departments worldwide had to be infiltrated, but the mere infiltration was not enough. The big success over the decades has been for these people to get power, and with power, the money to exercise that power. It mat take some time for them to be relieved of that power, but it will happen eventually.

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