The Corruption of our ‘Leaders’

There is something extremely wrong. It is palpable, something like an ectoplasm. If Cameron et al want the UK to be subject to rule by the EU Elite, in circumstances where UK objections to EU policies have again and again been overruled, and in circumstances where Ministers have not had the foggiest idea what is going on (remembering Soubry and Article 20 of the TPD), does that not show that Cameron et al have some allegiance which is superior to their allegiance to the People of the UK? We can defend our shore against invasion as we did in WW2. We need no lessons from the Elite of the EU. The fact that the Elite of the EU failed to anticipate such an invasion is irrelevant to The People of the UK. Continental Europe cooked its own goose. It has nothing to do with our island nation.


There are only two significant political parties in the UK – Labour and Tories. That is it. LibDems arose for a while, but are now devastated. There are tiny numbers of greens, UKIPs and independents. Tiny numbers. Labour and Tory reign supreme. The others do not matter one jot nor one tickle.

There is a sadness. That sadness is that both of the Big Parties were infiltrated by powerful, special interest, wealthy entities years and years ago. I’m sure that Cameron is a decent chap, but he is no longer a person in control of himself. On the one hand, he has said in Parliament that he thinks that ecigs are great, but on the other hand he has made no statement that he will not implement the new TPD, despite its potential destruction of the ecig market. In fact, he permitted the stupidity of PP.

Smokers have to behave like Christians in ancient Rome. Just ignore the blandishment of the corrupt, self-aggrandising apparatchiks. We don’t give a shit about laws, since they are oppressive. Excessive tobacco taxes are, in themselves, oppressive. There is no need for them.

Politicians have lost our trust, if they ever had it, because they have been complicit in promulgating FEAR among the people. That is outrageous. The idea that the Government might have a ‘one size fits all’ “obesity strategy” fills one’s mind with horror. It is easy to see what this ‘strategy’ will consist of. It will be more taxes. It will be as simple as that.

The reason is that it is not possible for the Government to stop people eating to excess. It cannot be done. So, if the Gov wants to be seen to be doing something, it must raise taxes. That is all it can do.

The Big Parties must re-think. Government must be forced to downsize. The first causalities must be academics who have shown that they are wasting taxpayers’ and student funds by their politicaling. Those academics are paid to teach.

I do not know what basic principles politicians accept. Doctors and Judges have their oaths, but politicians seem to have no such.

This theme needs more thought.


4 Responses to “The Corruption of our ‘Leaders’”

  1. elenamitchell Says:

    Hey, You, it’s okay. We haven’t all been sucked in. Smoker or not. But there isn’t much that any of us can do in the here and now.
    But hasn’t it always been like this. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not covet But we still go on doing these things. For now it is Thou shalt not smoke.

    No one actually takes any notice. We all adapt and go on in our own sweet way. This is not the end of the World.

    • Frank J Says:

      Speak for yourself. When I can no longer (and for the past 8 years) sit inside a pub and smoke, something that I’ve done for 45 years, I’m afraid it is NOT ‘ok’!

      It is precisely this attitude that allows ‘authorities’ to feel free to continually salami slice away our little habits and peccadilloes in their search for more money and control.

      I’d vote for the likes of Genghis Khan or Mao Tse Tung if they stood for abolishing the ban.

      I repeat, it’s definitely NOT ‘ok’.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes its not bloody ok by me either to be banned from smoking in pubs and i’m very cross that this has been allowed to happen !

  3. junican Says:

    Come, come chaps! Let tobacco control snipe at each other. That is what we have been waiting for. Let’s see what implementation of the TP directive article 20 brings just before the Brexit referendum.

    I think that Frank and Tim are misreading what Elena means. I too feel that spark of anger whenever I take ‘the walk of shame’ to the door of the pub when I want a cig. To me, drinking beer and smoking go together, much as some people see a beer and a packet of pork scratchings going together.

    Elena means that she refuses to be bowed, and so do I. I’ll smoke if I wish to and will not allow myself to be used by TobCon in its war against TobComs. That war has nothing to do with me. Let them fight it out. I despise them both, especially TobComs because of their failure to defend their customers. They fund Forest to the tune of a few thousands of pounds per an while spending millions on court cases to protect themselves.

    I deserted years ago.

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