Fatso Reilly, Former Health Minister and Former Children and Tobacco Minister, Loses His Parliament Seat in Ireland

Let’s not quibble about the phrase ‘parliament seat’. What is important is that his constituents have kicked him out. I know nothing about how Irish constituency politics work, but it does not matter. He stood and was ejected.

Does it matter why and how he came to be ejected? I think not. What matters the most is that this former doctor should never have stood in the first place. His ‘intellect’ was sufficiently good for him to qualify as a doctor, and he was in practice as a doctor. I suppose that it is reasonable to assume that his doctoring did not kill too many people. You would think that his practice as a doctor would cause him to have some sort of loyalty to his patients. To drop his practice and venture into politics does not make a lot of sense, unless he had little loyalty to his patients. As with Priests, the position of Doctor used to be a calling, above mere finances, even though Doctors made a very good living. Doctors received the respect which Priests did. That respect depended entirely upon the idea of DEVOTION. Doctors were devoted to curing physical and mental illnesses and Priests were devoted to rising above mortal things, whether physical or mental, and describing a state of being which was not earth-bound, or even time-bound, but was, is, and will be eternal.

The huge problem for philosophy is to understand how temporal and physical changes can exist within an Eternity where time and space do not exist.

I have drifted.

Doctor Reilly prostituted his Hippocratic Oath, which is ‘First, do no harm’. He was so besotted by persecuting smokers in every way possible, that he forgot that those people are not a mass of beings like earthworms, forever destined to burrow blindly through whatever crap they encounter. For is that not how such people view ‘addiction’? They see the word ADDICTION, and they ejaculate. What is comical, however, is that nicotine, in itself, has not been proven to be especially addictive. Smokers have a habit, which they enjoy. What is wrong with that?

I suspect that Reilly was the ultimate sucker – an intelligent person with some skills who was useful to the EU and WHO prohibitionists. Because of his defeat, he is now poison. Perhaps he could collect himself and go to Africa and look after Ebola victims.

Does anyone think that he will? He will not. He will retire and rejoice in his wealth and wellbeing. He will not give a shit that he is ‘over-weight or obese’. And then he will die.

They all die.


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