‘Trumping’ the Health Zealots

I could not resist that heading.

The virtue of ‘The Donald’ is that he has galvanised politics in the USA. He has used plain language, using words and phrases which mean specific things, and not the language which USA career politicians use to obfuscate reality. “We must all be together” in career political speak has become “All genuine Americans must be together” in Trump speak.

We suffer inordinately from ‘Political Speak’. For example, in Cameron speak, the word ‘Muslim’ means peace and order, whereas in ‘Reality Speak’, it means war and division. But that sentence is a generalisation. The reality is that almost all Muslims go about their normal lives as best they can. Only a minority are crazy. But that crazy minority is the problem, and it is that crazy minority which “UN-ENGLISH”. The horrible thing is that it is not possible to return that crazy minority to their place of origin. That ideology is what needs to be overturned. There is no EU Justice which can dictate that the UK must suffer the enormous cost of policing crazy people who should never have been allowed into the UK. They should be returned to the ‘authorities’ in their place of origin. And so should their families. ‘Human Rights’ does not mean a ‘right’ to displace indigenous people from their employment and homes, or for such people to be fed, clothed, housed, medicated, etc, at the cost of the indigenous people.


In the same way that ‘The Donald’ has revitalised politics in the USA, we in the UK need a political revolution. Who decided and allowed Cameron to become the Tory leader candidate? Who were the people who decided that he was the person? His speech at the Tory convention was too perfect for him not to have known, well in advance, that he was ‘the one’. Who decided that he was ‘the one’? To what extent is he beholden to those shadows who decided that he should be ‘the one’?

We do not know, even though it is obvious that those deciders must exist.

It is because those deciders exist in the background and in the shadows, that the Zealots can get away with stealing taxpayers’ contributions. Let me put it this way: University Professors’ and Doctors’ salaries are paid by student debt. They are paid to teach. Who pays them to shout about sugar and tobacco? Further, do they use their own time to dictate, or do they use student-paid time?


The recent Gov statement that taxpayer funding must not be used to lobby has more consequences than we see at first sight. It also means that taxpayers’ money must not be used to produce the statistics needed to support the lobbying. I suspect that that is the reason for the hysterics from the leaches. They have been dis-empowered.


‘Trumping the Health Zealots’ requires plain speaking. The Zealots must not be allowed to dictate the terms of the debate. For example, it is a well-known fact that the timescale for harm from SHS is way beyond the normal life-expectancy of humans. The Doctors Study and the Hospital Study, and all the other studies, have shown that to be true.

The basis for smoking bans is false, and the promoters of such bans knew that the basis was false.

It is only a matter of time before the Zealots are ‘trumped’.



6 Responses to “‘Trumping’ the Health Zealots”

  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    LOL! I’m not thrilled with EITHER Hillary or Trump, but I think Trump is marginally less likely to get us all blown up.


    • junican Says:

      I don’t know about you Yanks, but there is another use for the word ‘trumping’ in the UK. It is also used to describe farting.

      • michaeljmcfadden Says:

        LOL! Hmm… Trumping eh? I guess “Trumpet” or “Trumpeting” is very OCCASIONALLY used over here in YankLand, but it’s not real common. :> Nice double entendre in any event!


      • Some French bloke Says:

        Reading your little exchange above, I was reminded that the Italian word for “fart” is “peto”… In case Sir Richard is unaware of the fact, couldn’t someone plant the idea in his head to give a series of lectures, down there in “Sunny Italy”: “Il Professore Peto vi spiega di quel che è pericoloso da respirare” (Prof. Fart explains to you what’s dangerous to breathe)? Hey, stupider ideas have been known to take root and thrive remarkably in his head before!

  2. thelastfurlong Says:

    Who gets chosen to be Prime Minister? Watch who gets invited to attend Builderberg. Blilderberg. (bloody self correcting tablet touch screen) again- BILDERBERG.

    • junican Says:

      One wonders how extensive the tentacles of Bilderberg are, and how far their offshoots extend. The Bilderberg members would have to be in positions of great power to get what they want. Is Cameron already a member, and is he pursuing some agreed agenda? I don’t mean that he is obeying orders. I mean that he, and the others, which may include most of the Top Politicians in the EU countries, have an agreed agenda. The number of people involved need not be great. The group could include only a few newspaper proprietors, for example.
      But there is definitely something going on…..

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