So Boris Has Come Out For Brexit

Or so it seems, from BBC statements. The trouble is that I don’t trust politicians. He may well be positioning himself to take over from Cameron. He let Gove stick his head over the parapet first, thus ensuring that Gove would be ‘the traitor’ if the shit hit the fan.

But what really annoys me is that Cameron has come home from talks with the unelected elite, and with the minor, impoverished new entrants to the EU, and is waving his piece of paper in the air and claiming that ‘Mr EU’ is a good chap and all is well.

It is not even remotely well. Parts of the EU Bureaucracy are far, far too much aligned with the UN, WHO and the IPCC among other groups. The days of guilty knowledge are past. The people of the UK do not want the UK to become a ‘Region’ of the all powerful EU Disunited States.

But I personally still have some misgivings. I have a feeling of sadness that ideology dislodged common sense. For example, it would have made sense for France and Spain to decide to abolish passport controls on movement of their citizens between the two countries. But it might not be advantageous to either of those countries to extend the same privilege to, say, Bulgaria. What is even worse, as we have seen, is the mass migration of countless, single youths from all over the place ‘en masse’ into European capital cities. I read somewhere today that Brussels is not that far off having a Muslim majority of inhabitants. The aggressive Muslims in Brussels claim that, once they are in the majority in Brussels, they will install Sharia law there. I have no doubt that Sharia is already the law in many areas of Brussels, and that some sort of Muslim body has enforcers. Perhaps such a situation would not matter, provided that the more extreme demands of Sharia were not enforced, such as stoning of adulterers and throwing homosexuals off the top of buildings, or fathers killing their own daughters who fall in love with ‘an infidel’. There have always been religious and other groups within the UK which have their own rules and penalties. Such groups do not have to be religious. It is not uncommon for football clubs to suspend players who transgress some rule and stop paying them whilst they are suspended. ‘Bringing the club into disrepute’ is a common reason.

Ideology is the root of many evils. Religious ideology is the obvious one, but the same idea applies regarding Health. There are groups of Medics who have taken the place of Bishops. They preach from the pulpits, and the MSM publicises their preachings. It is not hard to imagine the preachings of Bishops being widely disseminated some three hundred years ago via word of mouth and pamphlets. It is easy for us, with our modern communications, to dismiss old methods, but I have no doubt that those old methods were effective. Today, we would call those methods ‘gossip’, but ‘gossip’ was the way that ideas were communicated in those days. TV and Radio did not exist. Gossip was the only way. And, by and large, gossip spread the word far more effectively to groups within the range than the MSM does. As a good catholic boy, I remember papal and bishopric encyclicals being read out from the pulpit in every catholic church in the land. That was a lot of people.

But the encyclicals were never about ‘the laws of the land’; they pronounced upon ‘Morals’ and were directed at the catholic population. Thus, an encyclical might have denounced abortion in any circumstance, regardless of the viability of the foetus. Thus, also, an encyclical might have denounced ‘birth control’ in any form.

Regarding the absolute prohibition of birth control, do we not see the mirror image in the desire of some powerful Zealots to so burden ecigs with regulation that they cease to be cheap and affective?

We are seeing a new form of encyclical. At least the old forms unashamedly appealed to authority. “The Pope Says” The new forms are the same, but are much more subtle. But they are, essentially, just the same. They demand acceptance of the idea that all human beings are clones; that they are all precisely the same.

They are not. Some humans go about their business and their lives in equanimity and would not think for a moment of engaging in criminal activity. Others, such as burglars, ignore laws and grab what they can illegally. Others, such as banksters and politicians, make laws which favour themselves, or at least do not inconvenience themselves.

The point of democracy is to hold the Rulers to account. It is not to rule.



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  1. Frank J Says:

    Unfortunately, the doctrine of infallibility has also passed from the Papacy to Public health and is, seemingly, freely granted, by the MSM in particular.

  2. junican Says:

    LoL. Very true.

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