Is Fear of Death Pleasurable?

It seems to me to be so.

Whenever a person goes onto a fairground ride which involves great speed and multiple twisting and turnings, and lots of screams, that person seriously risks his life, no matter how safe the fairground ride might be. I mean, in his own mind.

In his own mind, he accepts the enormous risk of being flung about in all directions at great speed, knowing that, if something goes wrong, he will be flung out of the apparatus and fall with ever increasing speed, to hit the very hard pavement, which will kill him. He accepts that risk. No matter what Government dictats might say about the safety of such fair-ground rides, the reality, on every individual ride, is that the rider accepts ENORMOUS risks.

Accepting enormous risks is very common. When I say ENORMOUS, I really mean accepting the possibility of death. Overcoming the Fear of Death might well be a ‘Driver’ for explorers. It seems to be so.

Is it true that taking a big risk, which might cause death, is pleasurable? Are there any studies? Of course there are no studies!! Or there might be, but they are buried.

Pleasure and danger are somehow closely related. When the Queen attends some official banquet, does she really enjoy it, or is she going through the motions? We do not know. Since she is just an ordinary human being,  the probability is that she concentrates her attention of the delights of the menu. I could imagine the upturned lip if the ‘starter’ was tomato soup. There again, tomato soup might have a totally different taste when produced by a Master Chef.


What we Smokers are looking for is a RESOLUTION. I shall not go further into that idea tonight, but that idea is essential.


2 Responses to “Is Fear of Death Pleasurable?”

  1. Ritathomas Says:

    Just a quick question, do you know if tl4u is still operating, I have e mailed them with no response

  2. Ed Says:

    AFAIK, they are still operating, having received a delivery off them this week.

    I do know they’re finding it increasingly difficult to operate as HMRC border force are increasingly seizing leaf imports from companies in the UK.

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