Solving Problems Without Nanny

I fancy a bit of fun tonight.

I got my car back from the MOT today. All is well, after a hiccup. Thankfully, I do not take my car personally for the MOT test. I have ‘a man’ who looks after my car. (I have a number of ‘men’ for such jobs – [plumber, electrician, fence erector, roofer, etc]. He has his own, shared operation. He is the mechanic and his partner is a body-work specialist. When I say partner, I mean that they share the premises and obviously refer work to each other, although they operate separately. So my ‘man’ presented my car for the test – and it failed on an emissions issue. He knew what to do. He put some de-coke fluid in the petrol tank and then drove the car around for around 20 minutes and re-presented it while it was still warm. It passed the emissions test. J has been looking after my cars for over 25 years.

It is weird how little problems accumulate. First, I had a tyre which kept losing pressure, but very slowly. I couldn’t be bothered getting it seen to so I put my spare wheel on. I have a little electric compressor to blow up tyres, so I put it in the boot with the wheel with the faulty tyre, for the time being. Secondly, the central locking started playing up and the starter motor was not working properly, making funny buzzing noises. Thirdly, I discovered some rot on a wheel-arch, which would need to be repaired before the MOT.

And then herself got ill and had to go into hospital, which caused me to have to cancel a holiday trip at short notice which cost me hundreds of pounds, and to put off the rot repair and the MOT.  And while she was in hospital, the fridge/freezer broke down and had to be replaced. There might have been other things of a more minor nature as well, which I have forgotten. Oh wait, some time before the above events, I discovered that we had a roof leak. I needed to get the dormer bedroom roof repaired, the chimney flashings repaired and the roof ridge tiles re-mortared. Oh, and I found a leak in the garage roof (for which I was able to do a temporary repair until spring).

But all was not lost because I could go to the pub and have a quiet pint (pubs being empty these days) and a fag. Oh wait. No I couldn’t, not because the publican prohibits it but because our EU Government and the UN have forced the publican to throw me outside.

Funnily enough, it is the last of these tribulations which has been the worst. Why, because it is like a leak in the roof which a tradesman is forbidden to repair. In fact, if any authority notices the leak, he is entitled to force a tradesman to make it worse. He can and does, spread the leak further and further. As a result of the malevolent interference of misguided psychopaths and weak politicians, the original small ‘leak’ of the ban on advertising tobacco products has now become a veritable ‘waterfall’ of very dodgy workmanship.

But fortunes have a habit of turning round, don’t they? I managed to get the body-work repair done really nicely; the central locking problem and the starter problem turned out to be battery related and were solved by a new battery; the MOT has been sorted and all is well in that respect; the tyre repair in in hand; herself was soon out of hospital and the ‘issue’ is improving all the time; I have another holiday break well into the planning stage – dates and care-cover organised.


Apart from the hospital bit, at no time have I had a need for NANNY. In fact, as you can see from the above, all that NANNY has done for me is to get me thrown out of my favourite pubs by forcing the publicans to do the dirty work. Would it not be wonderful if there was a State NANNY whom you could telephone or email and who would come round and solve the REAL problems which I have had, and not solve the NON-EXISTENT problems which I have NOT had?

Is it any wonder that the Nation is in such a mess? How can it be tolerated for much longer?

For example, the WHO – can I capitalise that – THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION, has decided that it is of supreme importance that smoking scenes in movies must be airbrushed out, because they those scenes make kids long to smoke and get fat. Further, a new study has faked discovered that children of poverty-struck people who enjoy tobacco, are dumber than  children of non-smoking rich people, and they claim that it is the smoking that is the cause of the dumbness.

At the moment, Cameron is trying to save the EU. I do not understand why. It isn’t as if business in the UK will fall into utter despair, since the idea of divorcing from the EU is to put an end to the POLITICAL side of it, and not the Common Market. Let me put it this way. There are manifest benefits from a State which has the climate to produce lots of tobacco coming to an agreement with another State which can produce lots of coal, to permit free trade between the two states in those products. But for the best benefit to ensue, competition within those states must be the order of the day. Thus, a State monopoly of coal production or tobacco production would make such an agreement meaningless. State A, a producer of tobacco, would gain nothing if its importers of coal were forced to pay a monopoly price. It needs to be able to approach numerous coal producers to get the best price – in the agreed free market. And vice-versa. The coal producing State’s tobacco importers need competition in the tobacco market within the producer State. The Common Market worked reasonably well despite the ‘wine lakes’, ‘butter mountains’ and such. It worked reasonably well, but was not excellent. ‘Wine lakes’ and ‘butter mountains’ arose because of the subsidisation of Production. That sort of thinking was truly Socialist, in the sense that ‘Nationalisation of the MEANS OF PRODUCTION’ will solve all the problems of rich and poor. That idea has been found to be false. What it does is stultify innovation. There is no progress. Those who are dirt poor are condemned to remain so.

But it may well be true that subsidisation was necessary at the time, and was a good idea. Massive changes in a short time period would cause great suffering. But what seems to happen is that the subsidies become set in stone. Thus, the free market is distorted. That situation permits people like Tobacco Control Charlatans to profit.


The ideal situation is that the UK exits the EU and becomes positive. That is, exit and promote a NEW DEAL. The New Deal would vastly slim down the EU Bureaucracy. I mean VASTLY. Further, any Directives from the past ten years would be automatically repealed on the grounds that they were not agreed by the specific permit of the People of the UK. The reason for this provision is that many EU directives were voted against by the UK, but were passed and implemented for the benefit of the majority. Erm… Is it right that the wellbeing of UK citizens should be reduced to raise the wellbeing of citizens of other States in the EU? The answer must be, “NO!” And yet there is a philosophical question about ‘equality’. For example, it might well be that entrepreneurs in the UK ought to go to, say, Bulgaria and set up businesses. Great – except that the local mafia would soon make itself felt.


The fact is that the EU collaboration was always based upon the idea that all States within it were the same. As we have seen, to our immense cost, all States are not the same. There is a benefit to living in a State like Greece which comes from warm weather, and there is a cost to Greece to not having mineral and industrial wealth. There is a benefit to, say, the UK in having cool conditions, which encourage physical activity, financial centres which are trusted worldwide, concentration of populations, and a ‘free’ society.

But our ‘free’ society becomes less free day by day.


There has been something really, really weird going on, and it is difficult to pinpoint it. It seems that, as time passes, Parliaments become Regimes. It does not matter which political parties are in the ascendant. The result is the same. One Regime follows on from the previous Regime.

I do not really know what to make of it.







3 Responses to “Solving Problems Without Nanny”

  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    “But our ‘free’ society becomes less free day by day.”

    Very much so. :/


    All we can do is keep on fighting it, day-by-day, keeping it weak enough that at SOME point it’ll be overthrown by folks who’ll restore it to what it was: in the UK, the US, and elsewhere.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      True, MjM.
      But would it not be better to introduce an improved perspective? The first thing that needs to be understood is that Health Zealotry is abnormal. Our lives are not circumscribed by the wish to live for the longest possible time. We must recall the fate of polar expeditions and space exploration. Many have died as a result of taking great risks.
      ‘What it was’ is not a some sort of perfection. ‘What it was’ can be improved. For example, ‘Smoker Bars/Pubs’ could be the very best that the genre could offer.
      Is that idea not very simple and obvious? Ah, but the the Zealots would scream and shout pleasure is the pits; that fear of death is most pleasureable.

      • michaeljmcfadden Says:

        Ohhh NOOoooo Mr. J! Don’t tell me that! Do you mean I might actually be making the Antis’ lives HAPPIER if I smoke around them? ::sigh:: I might have to quit after all….


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