The Ponderousness of the EU

Again, this will have to be short because I have to pick up my car tomorrow, presumably having been MOT tested and found good, so I dare not over-indulge in the wine. I’ve tried to be good by waiting until midnight before my first taste. I am already tired and a glass or two of wine will make me feel even more tired, which is what I want.

I read somewhere that the Roman Empire broke up because it became top heavy at the centre. Rather than be a lean, mean conquering machine, it became a bloated bureaucracy, centred in Rome. No doubt ’empire-building’ was rife, with various ‘leaders’ building up their ‘departments’ at enormous cost. Eventually, the cost of the administration overwhelmed the provisions for defence of the borders, and Rome collapsed as an Empire.

It took several hundred years for Rome to reach that point. Weird, is it not?, that the EU has reached that point in the space of a decade or so. Whilst directives were being issued about the shape of bananas and medical porn on cig packets, the defence of the borders of EU States was ignored. There was a ‘directive’ (if it was a directive, rather than a suggestion) that asylum seekers must ‘register’ in the first country that they enter. But what does ‘register’ mean? Let’s not go there.

My point is that it took a couple of hundred years for Rome to become a bloated bureaucracy, whilst the EU was actually SET UP as a bloated bureaucracy. I doubt that the original ‘founding fathers’ in the Club of Rome actually intended such an outcome.

As I understand it, certain far-seeing individuals got together with the intention of bringing to an end the proliferation of wars between and within European States which had been going on for several centuries, culminating in the slaughter of WW1. It was WW1 which was important. WW2 was different. WW2 would never have happened if the lessons of WW1 had been learnt. The slaughter had to stop, but what was needed to stop it was not present and WW2 took place, with even more slaughter.

The ‘Thinkers’ (should we call them philosophers?) decided, during the course of WW2, that the answer was to do away with individual State’s control of oil and other resources, and to create a ‘General Market’. Note that I have avoided the word ‘Common’ in this instance. The word ‘Common’ was only better as a nuance. What was important was that oil, and especially coal, would be produced to the extent decided by the OVERALL demand throughout Europe, and distributed via that market mechanism. Thus, lack of resources need not be a reason to wage war. The ‘General Market’ would encourage increased production and satisfy all European States’ needs, one way or another.

That idea worked and resulted in the ‘Common Market’. It is important to understand that the original idea was the sharing, via markets, of basic energy-important products.

Perhaps it was because of the success of this idea that some grandiose politicians got the idea of a European Empire, to match the Chinese Empire, the Russian Empire, the USA Empire. What these dreamers failed to understand is that those Empires are no such thing. They are Nation States, with their own cultures and ideas. There will never be, within our lifetimes, a ‘European Culture’ since a specific ‘culture’ requires differences and not conformity. In any case, prior to WW1, there already existed a European identity. it was based upon Christian ideals…..


As we have seen, the EU does not really exist. France exists, Germany exists, Spain exists. Comparing that to the existence of USA States, is there not a huge difference? Why does the State of Florida not have a seat in the UN? The State of Bolivia has.

All of the above simply illustrates the powerlessness, and therefore the existence of the EU. The EU does not really exist. it is an intellectual construct without foundations.

The reality is that it is not ‘ponderous’ at all. ‘Ponderous’ suggests weight. The reason that the EU is so slow and ‘ponderous’ is that it is not ‘ponderous’. it has no weight. It has no strength. it is a construct of words, and that is all. it seems to be ‘ponderous’ but is, in fact, the equivalent of a lab experiment with mice. There is no ‘weight’ at all. There is only the semblance of weight. it is the same as when some actor is declaimed to be called “Sir”, or an actress is called “Dame”. Their titles did not come from their worth but from popularity.


Is it not weird that the EU was set up to be ‘ponderous’ without having any weight? The EU is like a battleship constructed using compressed wood pulp with pop guns as as armaments. Or you could perhaps envision it as ‘a paper tiger’, or perhaps more realistically as ‘paper’.

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2 Responses to “The Ponderousness of the EU”

  1. woodsy42 Says:

    I doubt the Roman Empire was fed such large doses of lefty bullshit as there is around politics nowadays so maybe the EU just developed faster?

    • junican Says:

      LoL. You may well be right. But politics was just as prevalent in ancient Rome as it is today. Here are some graffiti quotes from Pompeii around AD 79 when the town was buried by he eruption of Mount Vesuviius:

      The late drinkers ask you to elect Marcus Cerrinius Vatia eadile. Florus ad Fructus wrote this.

      Marcus Cerrinius for aedile. Some people love him, some are loved by him, I can’t stand him. – Who loathes, loves.

      If integrity in life is thought to be of any use, this man, Lucretius Fronto is worthy of great honour.

      Valens, you’re sleeping; you’re asleep and dreaming; wake up from your slumber and make Helvius Sabinus aedile.

      If honour is bestowed on a man who lives modestly, a worthy honour should be given to this young man, Cuspius Pansa.

      I ask that you elect Lucius Popidius Ampliatus and Lucius Vedius Nummianus aediles.

      I beg you to elect Marcus Epidius Sabinus senior magistrate with judicial power, a most worthy young man. The venerable council is electing him. Good fortune to Clemens, venerable judge.

      All the worshippers of Isis call for Cn. Helvius Sabinus as aedile.

      For the health, return, and victory of Gaius Julius Phillipus, here, to his lares, Publius Cornelius Felix and Vitalis Cuspius make an offering.

      All the deadbeats and Macerius ask for Vatia as aedile.

      Epidius with his household want and support Cn. Helvius Sabinus as aedile.

      And those were some of the polite ones! There was lots of vituperation as well. Graffiti were the newspapers of the day.

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