The EU Debacle

When the EU was first promoted, I was all in favour. My reason was that, for years, we Brits had been brainwashed into believing that ‘foreigners’ were to be feared and avoided. I suppose that that was a consequence of WW1 and WW2. Only when I had the courage, as a 18 year-old youth, to cycle off to Brussels and visit the World Fair, did I realise that French people and Belgian people and Dutch people were not demons. They were ordinary kind and helpful people.

It was 1957 when I went on my cycling trip. I was out for three weeks. I cycled up the coast of France, having crossed the channel at Dover, and marvelled that the Nazi artillery was still in place, pointing into the English channel. I also marvelled that, even 12 years or so after the war, there were still piles of rubble in the centre of Lile.


Those signs of the jackboot were very visible. What is less visible is the jackboot of EU ‘conformity’. Gradually, the EU has been creating a ‘level playing field’ which benefits only corporations. It has done so by ‘standardisation’. A classic case, which most reader will know about, is the ‘standardisation’ of ecigs. That ‘standardisation’ encourages monopoly in that the only groups which can compete are ‘Big Business’.

But, by its nature, the EU has no option but to consort with Big Business. It is far too big and far too structured to cope with Small Business.

BRITAIN MUST GET OUT! Only when we are ‘out’ can we expect to influence the rest of Europe. The Common Market was great. Everyone was happy. The Euro could have been great as a common currency for the Common Market into which it would have been simple for local currencies to be converted. The EU has attempted to convert ordinary, intelligent people into dummies. WE ARE NOT DUMMIES!


The debacle has always been there, and the refugee crisis has merely brought it to the fore. The debacle is about Middle East and North African poverty. The UN has had 50 + years to get to grips with that problem and has done almost nothing at all.  It is useless in a ‘real world’ setting. It buggers about with smoking and alcohol bans, when the real problems of Africa are abject poverty. And yet Africa is unbelievably rich in desirable minerals.


What are our Glorious Leaders like Cameron doing about those real world problems? They are doing nothing, nothing at all. Nor is the Glorious EU. The Glorious EU is nothing of the sort. It is akin to Victorian England. Great works were accomplished, but extreme poverty was the norm.



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