It is True that Smoking is Safer than Ecigs

It is always comical when ‘the authorities’ change tack. How amusing would it be if the Health Freaks suddenly decided that ‘five a day’ was not really as healthy as it first said? Suppose that ‘five a day’ made people shit a lot, and millions of people were making visits to their doctors to find out why they were shitting their pants all the time? Is it likely that their doctors would identify the problem as the ‘five a day’ mantra? Five ‘portions’ is meaningless. A ‘portion’ could be five pounds of potatoes or five grams of Chives. No one in the general population knows what the correct ‘dose’ of potato and chive is. Anyone with any sense at all, including the Chief Medical Officer, can see, without any doubt at all, that a ‘portion’ is meaningless.

Public Health is eating itself. Its mantras are coming back to haunt it. It will take some time, but mantras like ‘one cig per day is as dangerous as forty cigs per day’ will come back and smack the TC Freaks eventually. The fact is that it is the MANTRAS which interest politicians.

Gosh! How much do I detest the Freaks of TC! But the worst phenomenon is that ordinary people, whether they enjoy tobacco or not, work for organisations like ASH. Those people are being brainwashed every day. Of course, when the shit hits the fan, those underlings will take the brunt, while the Superior Freaks will be protected because they have been awarded a gong, such as the MBE – “Most Bullshit Emitter”. The Superior Freaks protect themselves. Richard Doll became “Sir” Richard Doll.

I shall rest for tonight.

It is true that vaping is no safer than smoking. Erm… I should say “‘may be’ no safer”. But ‘may be’ is not the same a ‘maybe’. ‘Maybe’ means ‘perhaps’ in a simple way, whereas ‘may be’ means ‘very possible’.

Vapers have only themselves to blame if they are lumped in with smokers. We smokers tried to tell them, but they would not listen.

Who cares? The EU Tobacco Directive overrides individual rights to do as they wish, provided that those persons do not harm others.

So are ecigs as innocuous as tobacco cigs?











One Response to “It is True that Smoking is Safer than Ecigs”

  1. smokingscot Says:

    I have no doubt that Vaping Liz and Redhead switched to vaping and have no intention of going back to ciggies. From comments I’ve read it seems there are many others. If that’s what rocks your boat then fine with me.

    My own personal experience is of friends who have tried. Two quit fags and went on to vaping devices. They both put on very serious amounts of weight and within a month went back to smoking.

    A third pal used his device to reduce his consumption but after about four months complained of a sore throat and rebellious lungs and binned the device.

    A fourth was a distant relative, she loved her machine but still had a few real fags of an evening, however two years later she was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of lung cancer and died within 6 months of diagnosis.

    These are all real life, verifiable and sobering.

    I use disposable things I get for a Quid. They’re fine when needs must (mainly when I have to stay in a non-smoking hotel). I don’t rate them, they are a last resort. When I fly it’s far less bother to just use a nicotine chewing gum.

    So to answer your question I’d have to say that e-fags are fine for some people, but most certainly not the all singing innocents the manufacturers and retailers would have us believe.

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