The Consequences of Public Health Fear-mongering

I sort of watch TV. That is, that the TV is on, but I pay little attention to it. For all intents, it belongs to herself.

But, for some reason or other, a couple of adverts impinged upon my consciousness. One was an advert for some sort of porridge, and the other was something similar. Both claimed have an effect upon cholesterol.

One claimed simply to lower cholesterol while the other claimed that cholesterol increased ‘the risk of heart disease’ and that their product reduced that risk.

Both of those adverts relied for their affect upon Public Health fear-mongering.


What surprises me is that no Commercial Organisation has produced an antidote to the affect of Smoking. Why is that? Why is there not a pill advertised which reverses the affect of smoking? Surely, in view of the number of studies of the affects of smoking over the past several decades, someone must have invented an antidote?

Weird, is it not, that billions of pounds have been spent on repeating the same epidemiological research when not a penny has been spent on the antidote.

And yet Big Pharma seems to have ‘Carte Blanche’ to promote ‘snake oil’ cures for cholesterol infections. Or any organisation at all can use Government promoted fear to sell their products to the gullible public.

We should all know what stinks. When Silly Sally, the Chief Medical Officer of England, said ‘that there is no safe level of alcohol drinking’, she was saying what she had been told to say by some anonymous committee. She had no alternative but to say that, whatever her own opinions might be. After all, she is not an expert in ‘Publicity Speech’. She said what she was told to say.

So commercial organisations get the opportunity to advertise their products as ‘wonderfully healthy’. But the reality is that they are useless.



Organisations like the UN, WHO, EU, beget corruption. The lack of a inspection speaks volumes. Commercial Organisations use the simplistic pronouncement of people like Silly Sally as fodder for their their promotions. Why? Because people like Silly Sally are like blue-tac. They are manipulatable.

Enough for tonight.


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