The Fraud of Public Health

There are so many ‘Experts’ involved in Public Health that the trickery cannot be accidental. It is reasonable, therefore, to describe Public Health as a fraud. There is an excellent article here:

which describes what is going on.

You see, whilst there exists the quango ‘Public Health England’, Local Authorities are saddled with ‘Health and Wellbeing’. I don’t think that there is a ‘Public Wellbeing England’ quango. I trust that readers can see immediately why there is no such quango. The reason is that no one has actually defined ‘wellbeing’. For example, ‘Wellbeing’ for me, as a 76 year old little old man, who is reasonably fit, is a comfortable, warm home, decent food, a trip to the pub in the evening when I wish to, a ready supply of red wine, and a reserve of Irish whiskey, rum and port, plenty of cigs to smoke as and when I wish, but I have no interest in cigars of pipes. Hospitals are nice to have in reserve, just in case I need them, but, during the whole of my life so far, I have only been hospitalised on two occasions. The first was when I was a child with tonsillitis. All I can remember was being frightened at night. I wanted my Mummy. I have no idea what age I was. The second time was a couple of years ago. I got a bit pissed in the pub on whiskey and a ‘friend’ walked me home. Unfortunately, my ‘friend’ turned out to be a liability since he allowed me to fall over and cut my head open on a big plant pot which broke when I tried to use it to break my fall. Actually, I did not need his assistance at all since I know where I live….

Anyway, that was only the second time in the whole of my life that I have been hospitalised. Even then, it was outpatient. I was not required to stay overnight.

Oh wait! There was another occasion. I was in a nightclub. I tripped and hit my head against a table edge. I went to hospital for stitches to the cut. I was certainly not drunk on that occasion. It could have happened anywhere. The trip was associated with congestion in the club. It was just one of those things.

Do you notice something? Of the three times that I have used hospital services, throughout the whole of my 76 years, two of them were ‘alcohol related’! I my personal hospital experience was extrapolated to the whole population of England, then two thirds of hospital admissions would be alcohol related!

Can we see the obvious error in the statistics? Where are we must likely to come up against accidents? Is it not true that such accidents are more likely to occur when we are outside our homes and in unusual and ever-changing circumstances? You might say that, statistically, most accidents occur in homes. That would be true, but that would be because far more people are at home at any given time than are out clubbing. What are the odds? I do not know, but it would not surprise me one bit if it were true that the clubbers represent less than 1% of the whole population, or even less than 0.1% of the population. Who knows? But my point is that there may well be more accidents that occur at home, but that, at any specific time, there are far more people at home than are clubbing, and that clubbing is more likely to produce unexpected accidents.


In my local authority, Bolton, in the North West of England (for the edification of ‘Foreigners’), the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ gang, based in Bolton Hospital, produced a booklet describing the ‘problems’ which were diminishing the ‘wellbeing’ of Boltonians. That document was 90% smoking. Why? Because the Freaks who produced it could not suggest anything to alleviate the problems of the poorest amongst us.All that they could suggest was that, if the poorest were forced to stop smoking, they would have more money to spend on ….. something else. It really is comical. Why should these poorer people not eat well AND buy cigs? Who said that the two are mutually exclusive?

I have provided that insight for a reason. Since the initial publication of the ‘Bolton Health and Wellbeing’ document, I have seen no updates or anything at all from that group. Is it not weird that we only hear about ‘SUCCESSES’. We never hear about ‘abject failures’.

Does the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ gang continue to exist? It may, nominally. But the Bolton Council is still riddled with Puritans and Freaks, as is Parliament. The really strange thing is that people who stand for election do so. Why do they do so? I honestly do not understand. Why does person X stand for election as Councillor for Y ward? Surely, such a person would ask himself what he personally would gain? Or would he be thinking about National Politics? Or would he be truly altruistic?

I do not know, and yet my own Conservative Councillor is one who STOPPED the erection of smoking shelters outdoors at Bolton Hospital. I cannot help but feel that people who stand for election to these positions are not quite normal, unless they have some history of being in control.


Utter corruption is constantly becoming more and more on display. Intellectual corruption begets physical corruption. The EU, for example, becomes more and more corrupt by the day. It is bound to be so since the Treaties had no clauses which could militate against corruption.

Public Health England has come out in favour of ecigs. So what? Who really gives a toss? The WHO has its agenda. It is corrupt. Our Government must clean the Augean Stables.












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  1. Roberto Says:

    Very interesting comments in the link you posted. I looked at earlier posts and read a reply of yours to the statement that smoking cigarettes was a “massive” risk to get lung cancer. It is amazing how much this risk is so over exaggerated, even by people who condemn the “Public Health” frankenstein. You report this happening in England. It happens everywhere, even in Latin America where you can still smoke unhindered in large open areas (streets, parks, beaches, terraces). We need to inform, to fight the factory of lies and deception.

    • junican Says:

      There is a risk. It is much smaller than the TC Freaks say. What is of the greatest importance is to have a renegade group of denialists. That is what we are.

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