“We Shall Never Surrender”

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Almost everyone will know that the phrase “We shall never surrender” comes from a Churchill speech early on in WW2 when Britain was under siege by the 3rd Reich. It is a sad reflection upon the human condition that, despite military victory in WW2, “WE” have surrendered.

There now exists “The Fourth Reich”.

But it has little or nothing to do with Germany as such, even though the lovely, kind Merkel person, Boss of Germany, invited uncontrolled invasion of Germany by crazy jihadists.

“The Fourth Reich”, and indeed all the other versions described as “The Fifth Republic”, or the “Constitutional Monarchy”, or whatever, disguise the intention to CONTROL. I doubt that the United Nations was ever intended to Unite. It was intended to control. It was especially intended to control minor countries and to keep them subjugated.

It is clear that many of these countries have seen through the bluff and, although giving lip service to the global warming crap, etc, have gone along the path of building hundreds of coal burning plants. They have coal wealth and are determined to use it. Who can blame them?

Well, the owners of the UN, WHO and Climate Change are flummoxed. The Chinese Government is not the slightest bit intimidated by the fraud of Climate Control. It will do as it pleases.

The British Government has, for years and years, bashed its citizens and smacked them. It is important to understand that politicians have little to do with it. It is behind the scenes government which is responsible for the chaos. But we must recognise the veniality of politicians. For example, why did politicians approve Plain Packaging? Anyone with the slightest ability to reason would reject such an idea since such propaganda has ALWAYS produced strife.

The strife in this situation is not necessarily physical. It is no accident that ‘smoking cessation’ services have failed and their funding is being cut back. Nor is it an accident that TV adverts about smoking harm are seen as exaggerated beyond the possibilities of reality.

THEY have ‘jumped the shark’. THEY have been so energised that they have gone way beyond reason.


The anti-ecig convention is deliberate, even if there is not the slightest evidence of harm from ecigs. It is deliberate because ecigs smash the comfortable and remunerative ‘quit or die’ scenario.

The amazing thing is the complicity of politicians. You would think that such people would be cynical about ‘snake oil cures’ like nicotine patches. It is hard not to giggle about such ‘cures’ in the same way that one might giggle about the exorcism of ghosts.

I am enjoying a cigarette at this time. I have my own blend of Yellow Virginia and Light Burley. There are subtle tastes, and they are wonderful.

“We Shall Never Surrender” means that we shall demand our right to make our own blends of different tobaccos. That right cannot be circumvented, and it is driving the Zealots crazy.

“We shall never surrender” applies to every Nanny suggestion. Ignore all of them and enjoy your life.




5 Responses to ““We Shall Never Surrender””

  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Yes that’s my rule. Ignore the lot of them. Enjoy your pleasures !!!

  2. Rickie Says:

    We Shall Never Surrender” means that we shall demand our right to make our own blends of different tobaccos. That right cannot be circumvented, and it is driving the Zealots crazy.

    No-one gives two shits if you sprinkle vinegar on your tobacco, not now not ever.

    I suggest you try looking for the Loch ness monster cos it will be far easier than seeing the whites of a puritan monsters eyes.

    Ignore health advice on smoking if you want,…cos that’s all it health advice and protection for non smokers


    • junican Says:

      Oh No! The dreadful Rickie, Trickie, Dickie has found me!
      Listen, RTD, you can comment here provided that you have something useful to say on the topic being discussed. This topic is not about non-smokers, health advice, vinegar, what other people think about blends or monsters.

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