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I haven’t much time tonight, so this post will be short.

‘Health Control’ is a weird idea. But what else can one think of when there is such a thing as ‘The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’? I have no doubt whatsoever that there is a ‘five year plan’ to so demonise alcohol that a FCAC (Framework Convention of Alcohol Control) has already been written.

It is worth thinking back to the foundation of the WHO. I have not the time to go into detail tonight, but I believe that the WHO was set up in 1948 or thereabouts. That is only three years after the end of the vastly devastating WW2. One might ask who the people were who had the strength and power and money to create such an organisation, which would inevitably cost millions and millions of pounds, and one might ask what ‘World Health’ might have meant in 1948. Did it mean murderous disease epidemics in Africa, India, Indonesia and China, or did it it mean tobacco and alcohol control? There are a lot of pointers to the later.

The fact is that the Certain People, by which I mean vastly wealthy individual in America specifically, who had puritan leanings (which is why they were devoted to WORK, WORK, WORK, without any hint of pleasure), hankered after the ‘old days’ when booze and fags were banned. At least you could say that such people were sincere, even if they were misguided by their own preferences.

You would have thought that the whole purpose of setting up the UN would have been simply and solely to provide a forum where opposing ideologies could converse, and thereby avoid the conflagrations of world wars. So how did that Cuckoo, the WHO, come into being? Somehow or other, certain people must have taken advantage of the disruption created by WW2 to drive forward their specific agenda. That is, the WHO was NOT a world-wide health initiative but was specifically intended to drive tobacco and alcohol prohibition. Only the methods have changed.

And that is my problem of comprehension. I do not understand why curtailing life from an average of, say, 80 years to 75 years is such a problem for the WHO that there is a need for a FCTC whilst billions of Africans, Indians, Chinese are pegging out like flies. It makes no sense.

You could reasonably say that both scenarios can exist at the same time, and indeed they can and do. But it still makes no sense. The vast majority of smokers, drinkers and fatties in the healthy, wealthy West live for a long time, on average, as compared with the REALLY deprived. There is no comparison since very few studies have been conducted on those deprivations whereas vast numbers of studies have wasted money and time on tobacco.

You cannot blame academics for wasting time and money on pointless exercises. For many of them, that is their living. But you can blame them for being corrupt. The reason that you can blame them is because they aid political corruption.

For what else was Silly Dame Sally’s announcement that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption than justification of the bent, squalid, criminal distortions conducted by the criminal academics at the Sheffield University?

Let us get this idea right. Silly Sally’s statement justifies the Academics. It is not the other way round. The Academics do not justify Silly Sally’s statement. Silly Sally has raised the Academics to godlike status.

To make things even worse, no one knows who these Academic Gods really are. We know only names which are chosen. What I mean is that ‘the names’ might have had little to do with the actual research.


One can understand such a scenario provided that little political control exists over expenditure.


The point of this essay has been to highlight the oddness of a World Health Organisation which was constructed so shortly after the massive devastation of WW2, and why was its target the healthy, wealthy West?



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  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    Brilliant and beyond telling!

  2. artbylisabelle Says:

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    Way to go!

  3. Roberto Says:

    The WHO seems to have a more balanced policy towards marijuana. The organization is still prohibitionist (arguing that “more studies are needed” bla bla) but apparently is not waging a global crusade to demonize cannabis as it does with tobacco. Recently a top WHO bureaucrat (an Asian woman) came to Mexico and was confronted by anti-prohibitionist journalists. She replied that the policy of the WHO is not to interfere with countries making it legal to smoke cannabis, as Uruguay did recently.

    • junican Says:

      What they are actually saying is that cannabis is banned in so many places that any interference would be with dangerous gangs of criminals. I doubt that the WHO would want to meddle with such gangs.

  4. Ed Says:

    The United Nations was formed in 1945. The World Health Organisation was formed in 1948. Also in 1948, the so-called “mental health” movement blossomed into the formation of the World Federation for Mental Health. All three are “NWO” political operations with the main objective being to form a world government.

    These political operations use propaganda and other devious methods to accomplish their end that we should all be willing subjects in a world that is ruled and run by a tiny global elite– for their benefit and not ours.

    Their political operation, masquerading under the guise of “mental health” – is their reality engineering and behaviour modification program to subjugate us. What is wrong with their behaviour modification is that they want to get rid of our very correct idea that we should live as free men, replacing that with an incorrect idea that we should live as slaves.

    In the formation of the World Federation for Mental Health in 1948, you will see them attempt to lay the cause of wars on our doorstep and then they use that lie to justify the formation of a World government!

    When the International Congress on Mental Health was held, the 2,000 attendees were presented with a pamphlet that was made by the small group of people who met before the Congress meeting started. This small group attempted to influence the attendees in the direction of supporting a political objective of forming a world government.

    Here’s the pamphlet;

    Click to access mental_health_and_world_citizenship-intl_congress_on_mental_health-1948.pdf

    The mental health movement didn’t start with the formation of the WFMH, but the formation of the organisation clearly illustrates that their entire movement is in reality nothing more than a front for a political operation that ultimately ends up with world governance.

    • junican Says:

      The link is too long to read in one go tonight, ED. But thanks for it. A first glance seems to suggest that traditional loyalties to family and nation are mental illnesses which cause wars, and that these illnesses can be cured by ‘behavioural change’, etc.
      Someone should tell these dreamers that it will not happen. NATO has been in existence for over 50 years, and yet the people of the nations involved to do give it ‘allegiance’. It is a useful treaty for common defence. Americans are still Americans and Brits are still Brits.

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