My Take on Alcohol and Sugar Taxes

Far clever and more knowledgeable people have already debunked the ‘no safe limit’ of alcohol statement from the CMO and the ‘Volte face’ of the Prime Minister on sugar taxes. For such a person to go from ‘not minded to’ to ‘have not excluded’ sugar taxes is tantamount to surrender to the health zealots.

Other people have said the same thing, but I cannot help adding my two pennyworth. There is a vicious circle at work. Or rather, something in the nature of a whirlpool – a vicious spiral. We have seen that effect with tobacco control. Even now, there are plans, well advanced by the zealots, to ban smoking in ALL public housing. That is the equivalent of banning smoking in council houses in this country. I can say that because, for the sake of ‘equality’, the Yanks intend to ban smoking in ‘stand alone’ public housing. I’m not sure what ‘stand alone’ means, but I imagine that it would include terraced houses, semis and detached. Note the expansion of bans way outside the level of ‘public health’, other than as an ideology. I mean that a specific group of people has been chosen to be persecuted while other groups are being left alone – from an accommodation point of view. Other groups, like blacks, are being attacked from a different direction – via the ban on menthol cigs.


What I cannot understand is the attitude of politicians. I honestly, honestly do not understand. I don’t think that the attitude of the PM is any different from most other politicians. You would think that, as the politician at the pinnacle of political ambition, he would have some special achievements in his past and have vast worldly experience; or at least, that he would have spectacular intellectual gravitas. But as far as I know, he has none of these things at all. It really is weird that the PM can claim to be ‘taking on’ the might of the EU and yet capitulate to a few health zealots in the UK. Damn it! He even used the phrase ‘obesity epidemic’!

I cannot understand the attitude of individual MPs. Only a few years ago, by omission, they permitted a ban of dredging our rivers, as directed by the EU, to ‘save’ some species of butterfly or whatever. As a result, we had the flooding of the ‘Somerset Levels’, which probably resulted in the drowning of millions of ‘protected’ species. Or those species might not have been protected – they might have been just ordinary little animals that no one gives a shit about. They were all drowned.

We must remember that it is our MPs who are at fault. It is not the EU. It is our MPs, the ones that we elect individually, who vote for persecution and tyranny. Think about that. There is no Treaty on earth which binds our elected MPs. All the blather about reforming the EU is just that – blather. Our parliament could simply decide what is best for the UK. All the treaties are historical and apply only at that time. They have no future relevance beyond the conditions at that time.

That also applies to the UN, the WHO, the FCTC and Climate Control. Treaties only exist de facto while the conditions exist.

There is a madness abroad. That is amply illustrated by the PM’s switch from ‘no sugar tax’ to ‘sugar tax’. It is a madness created by mad people. When I say ‘mad’, I mean something similar to Islamic extremists. Something has gone wrong in their brains. They cannot help it.

Part of the problem is that we do not really know who the ‘movers and shakers’ are. Do our politicians know, and do they collude?


I get sickened by the day. But I note that my three Daughters are not the least bit fazzed by the blather. D1 loves her horse and mucking out for him. D2 loves teaching kids and whiskey. D3 loves decorating her house and making lots of work. That is the way they are, and they are wonderful. Cameron, and all the rest of the ‘establishment’, are just cyphers.

Is it possible that Cameron et al are ‘Aliens’?

One jests, of course. The fact is that the EU is a disaster in its present form. The fact is that it has been brought into existence artificially by agreements (treaties) between independent states. Like the UN, the most deprived State has a vote just as worthy as the least deprived. Thus, it is possible that tiny states, collectively, could vote to spread the entire gold content of Fort Knox over the most deprived Countries.

Why not?


A really great PM would grab the UN, WHO, IPCC, etc and shake them. Lots of worms and grubs would fall out.

We must wait and see. I see a situation where almost no one votes in a General Election. That being so, Revolution is inevitable.


Alcohol and Sugar are just symptoms of political malaise. The obvious solution to the problems is defund the universities which are wasting either public funds or student fees. Make them teach students. That is what they are for.

To bed.


5 Responses to “My Take on Alcohol and Sugar Taxes”

  1. artbylisabelle Says:

    Yes, in a world of constant change, “madmen” ruin our lives, if allowed and that is a sad fact!

  2. Some French Bloke Says:

    What we’re really up against is global cartels (e.g. Big Pharma, Big Oil, big Nukes, anti-smoking Big Tobacco) that don’t give a shit whether the EU is reinforced or disintegrates, because either way their powers wouldn’t be diminished. Instead of recoiling (IOW, become conservatives) we should think outside of our respective national boxes.

  3. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    There is a really good article by Charles Moore in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph on the stupidity of the new alcohol limits and smoking bans.

  4. junican Says:

    Global cartels include Academics who are out of control. They are the people that ‘artby…’ means.
    I read that article, Tim. The problem is that the Zealots and Government are not interested in the slightest about you and I. They are only interested in the totalitarian aspects of what they say.
    By the way, for the most part, Government means the hidden committees and not politicians.

    • Some French Bloke Says:

      “Academics who are out of control”

      Then the ones “in control” are politicians, which as we know are “the weak link”…

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