Countering Tobacco Control

I have seen many exhortations to write to your MP about this and that. The probability of your MP taking any notice is almost zero, unless your complaint is about some local matter. It is for that reason that I have never exhorted people who read this blog to contact their MP.

A couple of years ago, I tried to set up a ‘constituency group’. The idea was to have a group of people who, acting in concert, wrote to their MPs and informed them of ‘truths’. For example, in the McTear Case, TC was totally unable to prove ‘on the balance of probabilities’ (as compared with ‘beyond reasonable doubt’), that smoking causes lung cancer. It might have been useful for ALL MPs to know about that case.

There are 600 MPs. It would be useless for 500 people to inundate one, individual MP with information unless he/she was only one of hundreds of MPs who were similarly inundated.

The important thing is that letters to MPs matter.

But what they are told must be ‘the truth’, and not propaganda.

In a way, it does not matter that an occasional bar staff worker gets asthma, or any other disease. What matters is the cumulative total of such incidents. Is it not weird that, around the time that smoking bans in pubs were introduced, there was no proof at all that tobacco smoke caused health problems among bar staff? All the proof was ephemerally circumstantial.

MPs need to be told the facts. Thus, they would not be able to plead ignorance.


3 Responses to “Countering Tobacco Control”

  1. garyk30 Says:

    “Thus, they would not be able to plead ignorance.”

    I have no doubts that many of them are ‘ignorant’.

    Britain has up to eight million adults who are functionally illiterate, a report out today revealed.

    The World Literacy Foundation said one in five of the UK population are so poor at reading and writing they struggle to read a medicine label or use a chequebook.

    • garyk30 Says:

      This may explain why the MP’s are so eager to believe the so-called ‘experts’.

      • junican Says:

        A three year old Tory rag article, Gary? Do you believe the recent press hysteria about ecigs being as awful as smoking real cigs?
        OK. OK. Maybe MPs are illiterate, Personally, I would rather believe that they they are selectively illiterate. They cannot read what they do not want to read.

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