The ‘Miracle’ of World-Wide Tobacco Control

Tonight’s post is a bit whimsical.

There is something odd about the miraculous spread, all over the civilised world, and even the uncivilised world, of Tobacco Control. You would think that those parts of Africa which are plagued by disease and lousy living conditions, and poverty (as indicated by adverts on TV asking us to donate to whatever group of charlatans which is answerable to nobody, and which Government allows to lie and cheat to extract our money from us) would make their first priority, using their own wealth, such as it is, to provided clean water for their people. That has been a ‘sine qua non’ for all civilisations from time immemorial. Ancient Rome provided fountains of clean water, as best it could, for the populace, and water pumps. Real evidence comes from Pompeii, where there were notices saying that peeing in the vicinity of the water pumps was forbidden. Citizens would be fined and slaves would be whipped, is what the notices said.

Is it not weird that Politics did not slap down Tobacco Control at its inception?

Imagine that there was no such thing as tobacco and that coffee was the subject of multiple studies, and that the studies, paid for by Tea Companies, showed that coffee makes people happier. But, suppose that Tea Companies want to fight against coffee. Is it not really easy to claim that coffee is ‘mind-altering’ substance, and much more so than tea?


It is hard to be sure that one bullet to the head is as bad as ten bullets to the head. Or rather, it is hard to be sure that ten bullets to the head are worse than one bullet to the head. TC would have us believe that the enjoyment of tobacco leads, without exception, to the enjoyment of early death.

Scientifically, there is something massively wrong with the Doctors Study. It isn’t easy to locate the problem. At this time, I cannot locate the problem. All I can say, at this time, is that the lung cancer deaths of smokers in the Doctors Study make no sense. There are both not enough and too many. It makes no sense.

In a simple way, when you look at the graphs in the Doctors Study, massive numbers of smokers live to an old age, whilst massive numbers of non-smokers peg out.


But the important point is that only persons who are somewhat afflicted are at risk. Tobacco Control treats all as though they were all ‘standard human beings’. In fact, is that not a serious problem throughout the EU?

The curious thing about world-wide tobacco control is that it is doomed to fail. It ought to have been obvious that substitutes would emerge. Never, in the history on man, has authority overcome the wishes of the People, in due course. That is why the EU will collapse eventually.


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  1. Roberto Says:

    I doubt TC will be so successful, at least in the short term, in underdeveloped countries. Yes, I see your point, these countries still lack basic health and have much stronger priorities than exerting control on smoking. However, the TC industry and lobbies need to have a “smoking problem” to exist, and they have plenty of money, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they start pressing African governments to pass anti-smoking legislation, but it won’t be so easy for TC because in these countries law enforcement is very weak. If cigarettes become very expensive by over-taxing them, then illegal trade and black market will likely develop if it is not already there. Also, politicians in Africa who may take the “health money” from TC are very corrupt and very likely will put the TC money in their pockets and/or profit from the black market.

    I also doubt that TC will fare so well in China, India and other Asian countries, with the possible exception of Singa-bore where you can be heavily fined for practically every minor “health” misdemeanor. Bhutan is a very prohibitionist country, but it is a basket case (“happiness” there is a State matter not an individual issue).

    I have a question: is the anti-tobacco feeling in the UK characteristic of the political left or the political right ? Most Brits I know work in universities are lefties and hate smoking, but are not fanatics and tolerate my smoking outdoors. Last time I visited the UK I met quite a few non-academics and have the feeling they are much less influenced by anti-tobacco hysteria. Regarding the USA, have the impression (may be mistaken) that most tobacco ultra-haters (and thus TC cannon meat, recruits, medics and activists) tend to be middle class liberal and (often) academics. I’ve had much less trouble smoking in (say) Dallas, Texas, than in Los Angeles. My impression is that TC has not much influence in Latin America, but it is making inroads and this is for me quite worrying. In Uruguay more than 50% of adults still smoke and for the first time anti-smoking legislation was introduced 2 years ago by the very popular outgoing president. However, smoking bans on public parks and beaches are still considered (as far as I know) too extreme. In the region, and more so here in Mexico, tobacco haters tend to be middle class (whether lefties and right wingers) because this is the social class more influenced by American culture.

    I am confident that the profound dislike for prohibition against “hard” drugs here in Mexico will make people aware of the nasty cruel prohibitionist nature of TC. There is here a lot of popular support to make it legal to smoke marihuana. I wonder if, once marihuana smoking becomes legal (hopefully soon), we will see the creation of an anti-marihuana “control” like TC. But marihuana smokers are now upbeat and I doubt they will tolerate some big brother TC type “health crusading” trying to “de-normalise” marihuana smoke and stigmatise the smokers. This will be also be helpful for opposing more bans on tobacco smoking and e-cigs here.

    • junican Says:

      First, Roberto, your English is excellent. Having said that, I assume that you are a Mexican of Spanish decent.

      ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ here in the UK and Europe are relative terms. I’m not sure that they have any meaning. For example, the Right might want to expel Russia from the Ukraine because Russia has invaded a Sovereign territory, and the Left might wish for the same thing because Ukraine is a perfect socialist republic.

      Anti-smokER derives from the the decades long assault on smokERS via the the nicotine addiction meme. In order to defame tobacco companies, the Zealots had to defame smokERS. No smokER has control of himself. All smokERS are addicts, including people like Churchill.and Einstein. Left and Right does not figure in such a scenario. Only dirty and clean figure, regardless of the status of the individual. Individuals do not matter in the epidemiology of the ‘standard human being’.
      We shall have to see how things develop.

      • Roberto Says:

        Thanks for your complements on my English language skills. I learned the language after living in London for nearly 6 years in the 80’s. I am Mexican born of German ancestry. Yes indeed, as you say, most anti-smokERS (irrespective of their politics) suffer from a “clean” vs “dirty” hysteria. It is a sort of soft but still authoritarian fascism. Future historians and future psychiatrists will have a lot of fun trying to understand how such a sick crowd got so much power in the late XX and early XXI centuries.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    TC is running riot in the UK. I was talking to some young people in the pub over Christmas and they actually believe the lies which people like ASH propagate. They only know pubs after the smoking ban which in the South of England means DEAD with no atmosphere in many cases, not all. More seriously the TPD is massively going to affect adults like me in May 2016 when we can no longer purchase our brand of choice. Despite stockpiling I will run out of my Turkish cigarettes by next Christmas. I’m going to be forced into rolling my own and am trying to source Oriental tobacco. I have heard Akropolis is good. Has anyone tried it ?

    • junican Says:

      You cover a number of different things, Tim. Could it be that the yoofs you spoke to are only in the pub because they are pure and unsullied? Could it be that the wicked, filthy smoking yoofs are in Majorca enjoying themselves?
      I think that people who enjoy themselves are much less likely to project misery via Facebook etc.
      By the way, pubs in the North are equally dead and miserable.

      • junican Says:

        Tim, I am sure that the net would provide you with supplies, but there is a risk regarding the way you pay. TL4U is trustworthy.

  3. Ed Says:

    Isn’t Akropolis just a Va/oriental blend? You could do just as good buying whole leaf and have a go at blending it yourself. In the past I’ve only added small amounts of Oriental to a blend as it’s regarded as a condiment type (low nic and high sugar) so a 500g bag of it goes quite a long way. I obtained mine from Tobaccoleaf 4 U Although they’re not stocking it atm as they’re having trouble with Border force (HMRC) seizing leaf imports;

    Alternatively, you could try growing some as it’s relatively easy to do. I plan adding an Oriental/Macedonian cultivar called Prilep P66 to my grow list for this year. You can plant it much closer together than normal tobaccos and should also do well in pots and tubs too.

    Some info and photos of it here;

  4. smokingscot Says:

    Completely Off Topic.

    We talked about the funding merry-go-round recently. CRUK used to fund the Centre for Tobacco Control at Stirling University. That is the whole whole 9 yards. Not now, no more. Now it’s a part of the Institute for Social Marketing!!!!!!!

    I extract the mick not.

    • junican Says:

      What a weird statement! I note that you cannot ‘copy and paste’. That is deliberate.
      Here it is:

      “The Centre for Tobacco Control research is part of the Institute of Social Marketing”

      That means that ‘The Centre for Tobacco Control research’ has closed down and has been absorbed by Social Marketing. The probability is that it has been deprived of funding.


  5. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Thanks everyone for your helpful advice on obtaining Oriental tobacco !

  6. smokingscot Says:

    Not quite Junican. I picked up that snippet when doing a bit of rooting about for one of my posts. CRUK has divested itself from several anti-smoking pressure groups in Scotland. ASH (Scotland) being one and The Centre for Tobacco Control being another.

    I don’t believe its been deprived of funding, rather it’s now financed entirely by the tax payer.

    I flagged it to show how the funding circles work.

    Another is the web page Tobacco Tactics. You may recall that was partly funded by CRUK. Not now.

    On their index page they give some self explanatory blurb (at the foot of the page), then a disclaimer. “Some of the research for TobaccoTactics was funded by CRUK”.

    But the big kicker is they’ve morphed. They’re all now part of the Tobacco Control Research Group and it’s a D of H “project”.

    This page gives details of the Tobacco Control Research Group and tells us:

    “Our research is funded by a number of organisations including the Medical Research Council, Government bodies and Charities.”

    There’s a PDF for those who want to dig deeper.

    What I’m seeing is the seed money’s fronted by CRUK, then it’s passed on to the taxpayer in some form or another. It’s nothing new to you personally, because that’s exactly the technique used by Bloomberg Philanthropy – of which you’re well aware.

    “I extract the mick not” was a poor attempt at humour. It translates to I’m not taking the mickey.

    Of course anything to do with the D of H is Mr. Andrew Black:

    • junican Says:

      I see your reasoning – CRUK etc fund the start up and then the ‘initiative’ is transferred to the taxpayer. That is what has been going on for decades. Doll was initially funded by Rockefeller as a Rockefeller Student. It is inconceivable that R did not ‘promote’ Doll to higher positions. It is a fact also that Doll visited Germany pre-war about Tobacco Control. The point is that he was already biased before the Hospital Study and the Doctors Study. Further, he was a communist in his youth. He hated Big Supranational Business.

      He might have been right to hate Big Supranational Business, but that does not mean that evidence of BSB wrongdoing has to condemn smokers.
      Is there not a simple answer? To destroy Big Tobacco, all that is needed is to promote the purchase of Whole Leaf and self-sufficiency.
      How can anyone object? Unless the the objective of the Zealots is persecution for its own sake.

      • smokingscot Says:

        Whole leaf, or home grown. Actually that happens to be the subject of my latest post. My site’s on your sidebar, so visit if you wish.

        At the foot of the page there is a reference to your site, all within context.

        “The objective of the Zealots is persecution for its own sake”.

        says it all rather succinctly. And, as they discuss over at Frank’s place (though it’s been apparent for some time), the intent is to classify anyone who smokes as having a mental illness.

        And no I don’t think they’ll wait until Jean-Claude Juncker has left his post to try to force that through at an EU level.

  7. nisakiman Says:

    On the subject of hand-made cigarettes, I came across this little gem:

    • junican Says:

      I’ve seen similar before, but not that one. The process must have been economical at the time, but not now. After all, the taxation has to pay for the parasites.

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