Postprandial Christmas Musings

When you have just wined and dined with a wife and two daughters, it is hard to dictate what to watch on the TV which is ‘easy watching’ but which is at least soporific. They chose the execrable ‘Downton Abbey’. It isn’t often that you see the word ‘execrable’. I remember some time ago that word being used to describe the ‘Murder She Wrote’ series, with Angela Lansbury. I personally quite liked ‘Murder She Wrote’ because it was ‘easy watching’. But I must admit that, as a serious story of murder and mayhem, it was ‘execrably’ childish. But was that series designed to be other than ‘easy watching’? But I would describe Downton Abbey as execrable on different grounds. I have only seen two episodes, and what I saw was ‘triviality’. It seemed to me that the main thing was dressing up. All the guys were dressed up to the nines with waistcoats, bow-ties, etc, and the women all wore extravagant gowns. Nothing was real. Verbal exchanges were unreal. It was a sham.

Tobacco Control is much the same. It has dressed itself up with the FCTC Treaty and the NGOs, but it is just as superficial as is Downton Abbey. Tobacco Control requires subservient Governments. It is amazing that it has succeeded to such an extent in creating subservient Governments. It can only be that the UK Government, for example, deliberately chose Health Ministers who are clever enough to make speeches, but not clever enough to STOP the attack on ecigs, which the execrable Subry MP enabled. Remember what happened. Soubry attended a meeting and OKed the TPD, but she did not follow proper procedure in that she did not allow the Parliamentary Committee on EU Affairs to examine the proposal.


Somehow or other, this tyranny must be defied. Let us not be in any doubt. Article 20 of the TPD is tyrannous. When the EU Parliament passed the Directive, did the EUMPs know what they were passing? I think that they were misled by speeches into believing that they were protecting the people against Big Tobacco, when the fact is that they were protecting Big Tobacco against The People. Is that unacceptable, and why have our elected representatives permitted various Universities to use public funds to create propaganda? It is important to understand that Universities are Public Places. They do not belong to Big Pharma, or Tobacco Control. I do not understand how it came about that Universities begat ‘Tobacco Studies Departments’.

We can only hope that Politicians will do their duty and stop being lackeys. In ‘Public Health’ terms, Tobacco Control is finished in the UK.


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  1. Ritathomas Says:

    May I wish you and all your readers a very happy new year

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    All anti smoking zealots and the stupid rules they impose should be resisted. Make no mistake plain packaging is just the start of a totalitarian regime. Its not even plain packaging but medical porn and faked images. We are paying to fund all these idiots and universities having publicly funded Tobacco Control departments is total lunacy.

    • junican Says:

      I could not agree more, Tim. A fuss has been created about ASH having a 25% reduction in funding, but ASH funding is as nothing compared with the vast sums of public money going into Tobacco Control everywhere. The Border Force as a TC dept; the Inland Revenue have one; CRUK, etc, have their TC depts. They are everywhere and all financed by public funds in one way or another. But what return is expected? Well, jam tomorrow has been the promise for years and years. But the promised jam keeps disappearing over the horizon.

    • Some French bloke Says:

      I do not understand how it came about that Universities begat ‘Tobacco Studies Departments’.universities having publicly funded Tobacco Control departments is total lunacy

      Just an egregious example of the ‘integration of state and economy’ (cf. Guy Debord), and the massive scams it has rendered possible, including, but not only, Tobacco Control. TC by itself is not the name of the beast, just a part of its progeny.

  3. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    ‘Murder She Wrote’

    Move to Cabot Cove, the only place more dangerous than Midsommer or even than living with a smoker.

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