Best Wishes for Christmas

It is now Christmas Day, but only just. The site administrator wishes everyone a Jolly Merry Christmas.

In the Junican household, the presents are at the foot of the Christmas tree, as is our custom, to be distributed by the elected ‘Mother Christmas’ (females being the majority here) at the appointed time (not yet decided, thankfully). A quick visit to the pub is in order in the afternoon, where people we have known for years and years, but don’t often meet these days, gather and make it their business to emote cheerfully. Then a splendid meal in the evening, and a spot of scypeing with the family dhan Saff. Is not modern technology wonderful?

Best wishes to one and all.


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  1. cherie79 Says:

    Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2016 to you and your family x

  2. Roberto Says:

    Feliz Navidad !!

  3. Ed Says:

    Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your family

  4. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Merry Christmas ! Thank for your great blogs. Happy smoking in 2016 !

  5. nisakiman Says:

    Καλή Χριστούγεννα από την Ελλάδα.

    It’s about 7 pm here, and the roast Barbary duck (I don’t much care for turkey) has been cooked and consumed (well, half consumed, as there’s only the two of us). We don’t usually eat this early, but the normal routine isn’t followed on Christmas day (I’m not sure why). Breakfast, at about 11 am, consisted of smoked salmon and Champagne, and then early afternoon I started preparing the veg for dinner. We’ve just had coffee, and shortly I will put the Christmas pud on to boil, which will give us time to recover from the main repast before we indulge.

    I sometimes wonder why I do this; my wife is Buddhist, and I am atheist, but nevertheless, I go through the motions every Christmas.

    But just the over-indulgence bit, not the religious bit.

    Dunno, I suppose it became an ingrained habit from when I had children to cater for, and Christmas was a big deal. Kids love it, so it has to be done.

    So anyway, Junican, enjoy the rest of your day with the family. I will be speaking to my daughter and her boys on Skype later on, so I will enjoy the family situation too, albeit vicariously. But you’re right – technology has given us quite amazing facilities to communicate, even though thousands of miles might separate us. When you and I were boys, this was the stuff of dreams found only in books by people like Isaac Asimov. That it has become reality in our lifetimes is nothing short of miraculous.

    So after that alcohol fuelled (bottle of bubbly, two bottles of red wine and a couple of black Sambucas, mostly imbibed by me, as my wife hardly drinks) ramble, I shall leave you and all those who alight on this blog with the best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


  6. smokingscot Says:

    Just checked out King Phil of Spain’s speech. Awfully sanctimonious stuff about unity and pulling together and follow my lead. However there is a passage that reads:

    “We must not forget that breaking the law, the imposition of an idea or a project (about – translation got it wrong, it should read above) the will of the other Spanish, has only led us in our history to decay, impoverishment and isolation. That is a mistake of our past that we must not to repeat.”

    I suspect a whole load of Spaniards will have come to the same conclusion as myself. They’re real good at dishing it out, but not at payback.

    Trust you and yours had a good one. “Site Administrator”, commentators and readers alike. Oh and come Monday, even that lot from the BMJ (that have a minimum wage numpty read all “hostile” blogs).

  7. junican Says:

    Many thanks everyone.

    @ Nisak.

    I find hard to believe that anyone can be an atheist. To be an agnostic, Yes, but not an out and out atheist. To be so is to say that the highest form of consciousness in the Universe is Man, since we know of no other consciousness in the Universe. If there were other conscious beings in the Universe, then you would expect that some would be more advanced and some would be less advanced than ourselves. Thus, you would expect that other, more advanced, conscious beings would already have sent out radio messages. None such have been observed.
    So, it is reasonable to ask the question: “Which comes first, consciousness or the physical body?” In we humans, the body comes first. But is it not possible that consciousness can exist without a body?
    There is an enormous, enormous problem which physicists have been avoiding like the plague for generations:


    Despite the fact that it is sort of ’empty’, it exists, and therefore must be a ‘thing’. What sort of ‘thing’ can exist and yet appear to be ‘nothing’? Einstein’s General Relativity Theory is the nearest that we have come to understanding the nature of space, but no one has had the nerve to take it further. That is not surprising since there is no money in it, nor is it an easy nut to crack. The fact is that Space is ‘surreal’.
    You could even say that Space is ‘godlike’!

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