The Chief Medical Officer of the UK

I must admit that I am just passing the time with this post. I am a bit bog-eyed again. Smoking Scot was a bit concerned about my health in view of my apparent fatigue and the fact that I visited the doctor a couple of days ago. I have reassured him that all my ‘smoking related diseases’ seem to be in abeyance at this time. Or should the words be ‘in remission’? Although I have not been diagnosed to have a ‘smoking related disease’, like LC or heart problems, etc, I must have those diseases since I am a smoker and have been since about the age of 17. Therefore, all those diseases must be hanging over me like the sword of Damocles, held aloft by a single strand of hair, and about to riddle my body with nasty boils, blotches, cripples, coughing fits, deathly pallor, obesity, diabetes, mental illness, addictiveness, anorexia, zombiness, and so on.

I am fine, but, as is the case with most male old farts, I have some tiny ‘issues’…

But is it not weird that obesity and enjoying alcohol seem to produce exactly the same ‘X’ related diseases’? Is that not strange? It is almost as if loneliness might produce the same ‘X’ related diseases’. In fact, I am sure that whatever fake charity and quango which emits press releases and uses tax monies to lobby compliant Ministers deliberately quote the same indeterminate ‘related diseases’, just because they ARE indeterminate.


A scandal has been revealed. The Chief Medical Officer, Sally Davies, consorted with a certain academic, one Gerard Hastings, to bugger up Public Health England’s enquiry into ecigs safety. This situation is extremely weird. It seems that he readily acquiesced, rallying a quango to poo-poo the efforts of PHE.

The question that rose in my mind was: “What is the job of Chief Medical Officer?” Being too lazy to make in depth enquires, I check Wikipedia:

The ‘job description’ seems to be woefully inadequate. The CMO seems to have little to do. It is a figurehead, a ‘voice of authority’ with little actual substance. The job may have had some substance when it coordinated attempts to combat cholera and such ‘public health’ contagious diseases.

So what does the CMO actually do? It seems to have no purpose since the appearance of Public Health England. In fact, the attempts to undermine PHE suggest that the CMO is just an extension of the grip that academics have on the bureaucracy. She is one of the academics, and nothing else.

Is the academic grip beginning to loosen?

Who knows what is going on behind the scenes? Quite a lot of Public Health has been downloaded to Local Authorities and quangos like PHE. What does the Secretary of State for Health have to do? Perhaps his job is becoming more concerned with the economics of the Department. It is easy to see how there has been a conflict, a dissonance, especially in recent decades, between keeping people alive for as long as possible, and paying for their pensions and old age health care. In that context, things like cigarette plain packaging and car smoking bans are trivial. And the same applies to ecigs. In the big picture, they are trivial – a nuisance. Better to swat them before they get any bigger.


I read somewhere that Sally Davies is about to retire, but that might not be at all true. It was just something said.

Personally, I don’t give a shit who occupies these positions, unless they start to talk sense. First, whoever might be appointed, must say that SHS is not dangerous within a normal human life-time. What are the chances of that happening? Zero. So those people do not matter. They are alchemists, turning tobacco smoke into radon gas.

Let it develop…


4 Responses to “The Chief Medical Officer of the UK”

  1. smokingscot Says:

    Taken a quick look and no, Prostatism is not classed as a smoking related condition… yet; just your standard issue ageing thing.

    However it is my wish that you, having done the 3 score and 15, go on to hit a centenary. For the blog – and to hack off the opposition!

    • junican Says:

      How kind, SS! I am touched. If I don’t bring on ‘tobacco and alcohol related diseases’ by stopping smoking and drinking, I suppose that there is an outside chance that I might survive for some time yet.

    • Some French bloke Says:

      “Prostatism is not classed as a smoking related condition… yet”

      Still, they didn’t fail to ‘link’ (whatever that word means in the scaremongers’ fantasy world) smoking to the worst of prostate troubles: cancer. The references in the 2004 US Surgeon General Report are:

      Giles GG, Severi G, McCredie MR, English DR, Johnson
      W, Hopper JL, Boyle P. Smoking and prostate cancer: findings from an Australian case-control study. Annals of Oncology 2001;12(6):761–5.
      Lotufo PA, Lee I-M, Ajani UA, Hennekens CH, Manson JE. Cigarette smoking and risk of prostate cancer in the physicians’ health study (United States). International Journal of Cancer 2000;87(1):141–4.

      And, for the hell of it, some other ‘consequences’ of tobacco smoking, according to the same report, are:
      Acute Myeloid Leukemia
      Adult Brain Cancer
      Aortic aneurysm
      Bladder and Kidney Cancers
      Breast Cancer
      Cardiovascular Diseases
      Cervical Cancer
      Colorectal Cancer
      Cortical, nuclear, and posterior subcapsular cataracts
      Endometrial Cancer
      Erectile Dysfunction
      Esophageal Cancer
      Hemorrhagic stroke
      Laryngeal Cancer
      Liver Cancer
      Loss of Bone Mass and Risk of Fractures
      Lung Cancer
      Oral Cavity and Pharyngeal Cancers
      Ovarian Cancer
      Pancreatic Cancer
      Periodontal disease
      Peptic Ulcer Disease
      Stomach Cancer

      From another report: “Cigarette smoking has now been positively associated with some 40 causes of death and negatively associated with eight or nine.”

      Needless to say, those ‘eight or nine’ possible benefits (aka negative associations) are far outweighed by the risk of getting one of the other 40 or so diseases or conditions.

      • nisakiman Says:

        Some years ago (25 maybe?) the girlfriend of a friend died tragically young of stomach cancer. She was about thirty, I think. A healthy and fit young woman. And she never smoked.

        A plague on their fucking ‘Smoking Related Diseases’. How long before ingrown toenails are decreed ‘Smoking Related’?.

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