Quantum Mechanics

One has to laugh. Such ideas are way beyond the ordinary person’s ability to comprehend. But I remember reading about it, and a visualisation caught my imagination. It was the image of boulders rolling up-hill. For boulders to roll up-hill, physics must be turned on its head. Gravity must be negated and reversed. But it is important to understand that NOT ALL THE BOULDERS roll up the hill and fall over the top of the hill. Some climb the hill but fall back before they reach the summit. Only a few boulders manage to fall over the summit of the hill.

“So what”, you might say. Well, it is the ‘rolling down of the few boulders on the other side of the hill’ which changes the status quo. In other words, it is possible that ‘the arrow of time’ can be reversed by the boulders which manage to roll over the summit of the hill. At the subatomic level, there is an average of ‘forward’ change and ‘backward’ change. That is, time can go forward or backward. And all the changes are random. That is, it is not possible to know how many boulders actually climb the hill.

It is all very wonderful, but it is hard to see how Quantum Mechanics matters at our scale. It may matter in terms of what happens on a Galactic scale, or a Universal scale. And it might be important on an Earth scale somewhere deep within Earth, but the probability is that it only matters at the border between matter and time, infinity and eternity.

What is Space? Few people talk about it. It exists, but no one know what it is. According to physics, it has volume but no substance. The nearest thing that I have seen which attempts to describe Space is a lecture on ‘The Higgs Boson Field’. It was not quite stated that the ‘Higgs Boson Field’ actually IS space. There is a vague link to Einstein’s theory that Space can be bent by the presence of Matter. If that is so, then Space must be a ‘thing’. It can be bent and twisted. It is not just an empty void, an empty volume. It is not a volume of non-existence. It is not ‘Nothing’.



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  1. garyk30 Says:

    Space is only empty of visible matter, ‘dark matter and energy’ make up 95 percent of our Universe.

    Do Quantom Laws apply to the ‘Dark Side’ of our Universe?

    • junican Says:

      I think that the thing about Einstein’s thinking is that matter and energy go together. One cannot exist without the other. I have a little (totally unsupported) theory that space itself is the vehicle which carries energy from the Sun to the Earth. In other words, the ‘Higgs Bosun Field’ is space itself.

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