How the IPCC Fraud Was Organised

I have been watching some videos today and reading some articles about the climate change fraud. It involves some sleight-of-hand.

Here, roughly, is how the IPCC works:

  1. Papers on various aspect of research into the climate are commissioned. No expense is spared so that there are lots and lots of papers running to thousands of pages.
  2. A separate group of people analyse the papers and pick out the most beneficial findings which they write down and pass to a 3rd group.
  3. The 3rd group is totally separate from the other two. It takes the analyses and writes a document ‘recommendations for policy makers’. That document is passed back to group 2 with instructions to find the evidence in the papers to support the document.

The document ‘recommendations to policy makers’ is then published, but the papers/evidence have not. Those are only published months later. Thus, by the time the papers/evidence are published, the media have well and truly digested and printed all the recommendations without a scrap of visible evidence at that stage. Politicians likewise are inundated with calls for action.

When the papers/evidence are finally published, it takes forever to dissect it all. There is a morass of paper which only a few knowledgeable people can read and understand clearly. Any fatal flaws discovered by those people are shouted down and they are subjected to humiliation.

Welcome to the New World Order.

Here is a link to a lecture given by Dr Ball:

I watched the first hour but had to stop there. I shall watch the rest tomorrow.

He shows, without doubt, that the ice-core records show that a warming atmosphere preceded the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. It immediately follows, without doubt, that CO2 does not cause a warming atmosphere, and so the search for the reason for the warming atmosphere must be targeted elsewhere.

But you might ask, “What happens to the CO2 which we are adding to the atmosphere?” Dr Ball speaks of the fact that horticulturists pump CO2 into polytunnels to speed up growth, and that the pump in CO2 until the amount of CO2 in the polytunnel is around 2,000 parts per million as compared with ambient CO2 of about 400 parts per million. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that the world’s vegetation is hungry for CO2.

He further points out that the IPCC ignores water vapour as a greenhouse gas. Can you see the trick? Water vapour is not a gas, and so it can be ignored. Instead, the IPCC can exaggerate the importance of CO2 and such. And yet it is water vapour, which is 95% of other substances in the atmosphere other than oxygen and nitrogen. And yet the charlatans in the IPCC concentrate upon CO2 as ‘the important greenhouse gas’. The proportion of CO2 in the air could be many, many times greater than it is without having any affect, but water vapour has an enormous affect. He cites an example where the temperature fell in a desert region to minus 3 C overnight and rose to 50C during the following day. Why? Because it was a desert, and there was no water vapour in the air, either to act as a blanket overnight or to shade the surface of the earth during the day.

He contends that these IPCC ‘scientists’ know that very well, but that there are ulterior motives for the lies, which are political. Part of those motives are the intentions to degrade the consumption of the wealthy west and transfer that consumption to the poor east. Thus, net consumption will not increase but will balance out.


But why do our elected representatives comply? That is very hard to understand, unless the are ‘in on it’. But what are they ‘in on’? You would have to postulate that, for years and years, people like Blair, Brown, Cameron, Miliband, etc, etc, the world over, have been part of a secret cabal, and that they are only second tier. It is hard to see how that idea holds water, since one person who ‘blabs’ could ruin the whole structure. It seems to me that the reality is a coincidence of advantages. For example, why did the UK enact the Climate Change Act? It seems to have been railroaded through the Commons with little consideration. It was already a ‘fait accomplie’ before it got the Commons, and no amount of discussion would have stopped it becoming law if it was Government policy. But how did it become Government policy overnight?

It seems to me that our politicians are not DRIVING the vehicle of Government. They are in the back seat discussing the finer points of the neighbourhood through which they are driving and the weather. None of them know who the DRIVER is. They arrive at a destination and ask, “Where are we?”

I can understand the Pope’s attitude. It is driven by the new testament statement that ‘it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven’. ‘Give all you possess to the poor and follow me’. That is, the Pope sees the consumer society as inherently selfish, grasping and wicked. ‘Virtue’ lies in self-denial and self-flagellation. God gave us a ‘pure’ earth and we have a duty to keep it ‘pure’.

It is a pity that he thinks that the charlatans of the IPCC are preaching that doctrine. They are not. Their aim is World Control. It is easy to see how such control, well-meaning at first, can be taken over by aggressive pirates. Such a pirate might be Big Pharma. But there is no worse pirate than Tobacco Control, since its predations are backed by the powers of the State.

Revolution is guaranteed. Would it not have been wonderful if Islamic State had declared that its intentions were honourable and that it was fighting against tyranny and in favour of freedom for the people, and that it was tolerant? It really is weird how it publicises itself as cruel and intolerant.

Perhaps the solution to middle east problems would be to re-draw national lines based upon Islamic sects. After all, the middle east was divided up into countries a century ago, based only upon geography. Perhaps some areas with people of a certain Islamic sect should be ceded to the neighbouring country and some sort of quid pro quo arranged. After all, we have a Welsh Synod, despite the fact that there are few NATIVES who are Welsh persons.


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  1. garyk30 Says:

    When are you going to start CO2’ing your tobacco plants?

  2. prog Says:

    Great video J

    • junican Says:

      What impressed me about it was the clarity. There is no clarity in Global Warming, nor is there any in tobacco control. Emotion is the chief ingredient.

      • prog Says:

        Yep, easy to follow for the uninformed which has got to be 99.999+% of the human race. It’s almost the same with tobacco awareness – most have absolutely no idea they’re being brainwashed by very few with a political agenda.

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