What Smokers Should Do

The attack from all sides on Vapers has led me to think about the unfairness of the balance of power. Tonight, in the pub, there were three people openly vaping.

I must admit that I personally do not particularly like the stink of ecig vapour. Note that I use the word ‘stink’ only to exaggerate. Let’s say that my nose puckers up a bit when assailed by the stink (sorry, ‘fragrance’) of ecig vapour.

‘Stink’ or ‘Fragrance’? Altogether subjective.

If the following seems to be an attack on Vapers, it is not intended to be so.

You see, we need to understand the background.

The British Doctors Study’ revealed, according to Doll and Hill, that beyond doubt, the affects of smoking for thirty/forty years are almost always irreversible, no matter how much a person who gives up smoking insists that his breathing etc has improved. It may be true, but it is not because he gave up smoking. The statistical curve produced a chart which showed that some smokers who stopped smoking lived longer than other smokers who stopped smoking. The sooner that a doctor stopped smoking, or reduced his smoking, the better chance he had of living longer.

Nothing in the Doctors study revealed immediate relief from  the risk of earlier death. The risk for some doctors was reduced, but, for others, it made no difference to speak of. It follows that some damage to tissue, which has been done by smoking, takes a long time to be reversed. It cannot happen overnight.

I have seen lots of testimonials from Vapers that they have miraculously recovered from shortness of breath within days of taking up ecigs, or perhaps within months. Perhaps they did, and the ‘Curve’ shows that that is possible.


The Doctors Study showed that the affect of heavy smoking occurred only amongst a small segment of smoking doctors. It did not discount other affects. Why did a few heavy smoking doctors die from LC when the rest did not? What was the difference between those who did and those who didn’t?


Since ‘The Authorities’ are set upon persecuting smokers, then there is only one answer. It is to ignore the blandishments, the surveys, the health stuff. Ignore all of that crap. Accept that you do not enjoy tobacco because it transports you to the summit of healthiness, nor does it transport you to depths of despond. Ignore ALL the bile which spews from the mouths of well-paid sycophants like Duffy from ASH Scotland. They lie and exaggerate over and over and over again. Avoid paying for those sycophants, if you possibly can. Remember that it is true that the existence of Tobacco Control depends upon the existence of smokers. If you answer a survey, do not admit that you smoke. On the other hand, tell your doctor/dentist/whoever that you DO smoke and exaggerate the amount. Those questionnaires do not exist for no reason.

Above all, take any steps that you can to deny the Zealots funding. Buy stuff from sources other than Zealot Approved sources.

Those bastards want to grind you down. You cannot contest with them above-board because they have such wealth. You must go underground and DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY.

It is at this point that I digress from Vapers. If a person wishes to vape rather than smoke, that is their choice, It is up to them. BUT, if they go to ecigs because of the lies of the Zealots, then they are fools. I’m sorry if that statement offends people, but that is the way it is. Tobacco Control Propaganda is much worse than any advertising on TV. The reason is that there is no opposition. It is like the Conservative Party passing a law which declares, for any reason whatsoever, that the Labour Party is illegal.


The Zealots have taken 50 years to get where they want to. Smokers must be patient and it won’t take long, historically.

The Smoking Ban is Prohibition.



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