The Sugar Tax Stuff

I wasn’t going to blog tonight, but I have an hour to kill – up early tomorrow.

Chris Snowdon has an interesting article about the Push for a Sugar Tax:

Apparently, on Monday, a number of events are scheduled. First, the anti-sugar zealots have declared next week to be ‘sugar awareness week’. I wonder what Authority decided that they could do so? Someone in the EU or WHO, perhaps? Or could I declare next week to be ‘Honey Awareness Week’, if I wished to publicise my Honey Making Industry? For is it not true that ‘Sugar Awareness Week’ is just a cheap publicity stunt on behalf of the Public Health Industry? Be in no doubt that Public Health has moved far, far away from protecting the public as a whole. It has now become a caricature of the Inquisition. The accused has no say, and facts are invented to ‘fit up’ the accused, along with a fair amount of torture to get confessions (such as the alcohol industry’s ‘cooperation’ in promoting ‘responsible drinking’). Never enough, of course. Only condemnation and punishment, repeated over and over again is enough. The drinks industry’s execution is the ultimate goal.

Where has this strategy been used before? No need to answer.

So next week there are:

  1. Awareness week.
  2. Give Up Loving Pop (GULP) will launch an anti-sugar film.
  3. A health committee will  produce evidence.


4. Jamie Oliver’s sugar tax petition will be debated in parliament.

No doubt there are several other tricks in the offing:

5. There will be a YouGov survey showing 70% public approval.

6. A dozen or two tame MPs will demand laws ‘for the children’.

7. The required legislation will already have been drawn up.

Government will then capitulate and put 5p on the price of a bag of sugar – to be increased to 10p, then 20p, then 40p in subsequent years when the initial tax fails to have any affect whatsoever.

You can see it coming.



2 Responses to “The Sugar Tax Stuff”

  1. nisakiman Says:

    Here we have shops called zacharoplasteon, which sell an amazing variety of cakes and pastries (the Greek for sugar is ‘zachari’), many of which are literally dripping in sugar syrup. And they are yummy! I’m more of a savoury person than a sweet person, but I do succumb to the offerings therein.

    The anti-sugar mob would have an apoplectic fit at the sight of the displays in these shops. (While no doubt slavering over the baclavas. :-))

    I do wish these parasites would just fuck off and mind their own business.

  2. junican Says:

    They cannot back off, can they? They live to do what they do. Zealotry IS their job and career.

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