Tobacco Laws in Australia

A day or two ago, this blog received double the normal hits. The post that interested people was my essay on ‘The Australian Law on Growing Tobacco Plants’. In 1911, or thereabouts, a law was passed in Australia that it was forbidden to transport tobacco plants and sees without authorisation.

It is easy to see why such a law was passed. It had nothing to do with health. It was all about protecting the tobacco barons of the time. I have no doubt that there were vast areas of Australia where conditions for the growing of tobacco plants were perfect. Australia was still rather primitive at the time.

To what extent do those primitive laws still apply?

There are no more Tobacco Autocrats and Barons, so what is the force of that ancient law?

It seems to me that it has no force at all. If it is used at all by the present Government to persecute those who grow plants of the Nicotiana variety, it is being used tyrannically.

There is no law which is tyrannical which must be obeyed. Tyranny is tyranny. We saw the backlash in the resolve of many people to march against the ‘Poll Tax”. It is odd that such marches did not occur in Scotland where the Poll Tax was first run out. It took little old ladies (who almost certainly benefited from the Poll Tax) to kick it into touch and depose ‘King Thatcher’.

The curious thing about those events, at the time, was that no one actually commented upon the virtue or vice of the Poll Tax. All that mattered was a march by a few old-age pensioners.


The 1911 law has lapsed by virtue of time and no longer applies. It was intended to protect aristocrats who ruled Australia at the time. As far as I know, NO ONE has been condemned by virtue of that ancient law. The modern version has to do with DUTY levied upon tobacco products. The production of Tobacco Products is forbidden, unless sanctioned by the New Autocrats.

Do you see the implication?

We are moving into an era of ‘The New Tyranny’. That tyranny emanates from the UN. That can only be so if it is permitted.

And it is being permitted.


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