A Sense of Duty

For some year, Dick Puddlecote has been saying “It is not about health”.


It is hard to understand how that idea works. After all, if smoking is as bad for your health as described, then surely smoking bans here and there must be good for the health of the population in general. Surely, that must be true?

But there is a huge elephant in the room, stamping about and trumpeting, which is that Tobacco Control has not demanded prohibition of tobacco products. We all know why that it – it is not because TC do not want that, and do not dare demand it; it is because prohibitions have always failed. The ‘New Prohibition’ passes under the guise of ‘looking after the children’. TC state that people only become ‘addicted’ to tobacco because they start to smoke in their early teens. They have said, again and again, that people only become addicted because they start to smoke in their teens. Stop them doing so, and they would not become addicted.

The stupidity of that idea is obvious. The reason that teens started to smoke in the past was because they could do. If you pass laws which force teens not to smoke, then they will start to smoke when they are not teens. Regardless of the word ‘teen’, eighteen years of age is adult. An adult can decide. Perhaps the jargon of TC could be utilised. Perhaps we could think outside the box of specific ages. Let us think of ‘children’ as up to and including the age of twelve; let us think of ‘youths’ as up to and including the age of 17. Let is think of anyone over 17 as adults. I know that my suggestion incorporates specific ages, but it clarifies definitions. If that were so, the the phrase ‘children and young adults’ would be ridiculed, and rightly so. It is similar to the phrase ‘overweight and obese’. I read today an article which seriously, although comically, ridiculed the conflation of ‘over-weight’ and ‘obese’. There is massive evidence that being ‘overweight’ is healthier than being ‘underweight’.

What the last para indicates is that ‘definitions’ are indispensable. The phrase ‘children and young adults’ is a deliberate misrepresentation of reality, as is ‘overweight and obese’. I really do not understand how the Zealots have got away with it for so long. I really do not understand how they have got away with such definitions for so long.

The above has been in preparation, because I am going to provide a link to the Scottish Parliament’s examination of Sheila Duffy’s (she being the voice of ASH Scotland) interview with a Scottish Parliament Committee. It is very important to know that the Scottish Parliament IS NOT THE SAME THING as the Scottish Government. The importance of that difference is that the Parliament is not bound by Treaties.

ASH Scotland produced a ‘Petition’ demanding that the Scottish Parliament implement the FCTC chapter 5.3, which demands that ‘the parties’, in effect, chuck any submissions by Tobacco Companies into the bin. Such submissions are tainted, merely because they come from tobacco companies, which are devils incarnate. Nothing that they say is truthful, whereas everything that tobacco control says is the perfect truth.

You might want to watch the appearance of Duffy before that Scottish Parliament committee here:

Or you can see a transcript here:



An important thing is that it is rather obvious in the video that MSPs bridle at the idea that the WHO can dictate to them. It is obvious that, as a Parliament, they refuse to accept government by the WHO. I think that there is also an implication that those MSPs reject the government of the EU.

As an aside, I was astonished to hear that one member of the committee had no knowledge of the FCTC at all. He did not know that it existed.

If I may, I can signify ‘faint praise’. Duffy is well-practised in using feminine wiles, with her soft, feminine, caring voice, and her tremulations, One cannot but admire her ability to stick to the mantras through thick and thin. Her major argument was that the FCTC is the ONLY Treaty which demands obedience. God help us all if there were more.

And is that not the problem? Such treaties are unreal. They are ephemeral, as is shown by the question asked, which Duffy could not answer, about the definition of ‘what is the tobacco industry’?

Is it not wonderful that Scottish MSPs did not defer to demands from ASH Scotland and the WHO? That is the first time that I have seen it. It is incredibly important that The People do not bow down to organisations such as the WHO. In fact, any politician who suggests that THE PEOPLE should bow down should be kicked out forthwith.

Tobacco control should be ridiculed just as Sugar Control is being ridiculed.

The real problem is the lies being told by ‘academics’. What is really sad is that tobacco companies have abandoned their customers, if they even ever thought of them. You do not have to defend ‘smoking’ if you wish to defend ‘smokers’.


When my wife was taken into hospital, I noticed that care and importance were paramount. No daft questions were asked about smoking, nor did anyone ask such questions on the ward. A couple of years ago, I has a quite viscous argument with a district nurse who was a Zealot. “Get out of my house”, I said. Since then, no one has said anything about Herself’s enjoyment of tobacco. What I am saying is that the Enemy is not Hospital doctors and nurses.

We can see the ‘disconnect’ between the Duffys of this world and reality. The ‘Duffys’ see obedience to the dictates of a blithering idiot as the replacement of ‘natural law’. These people demand dictatorship. The EU is a dictatorship. The USA is, gradually, becoming a dictatorship.

That is the Truth.


And yet, most persons in the NHS are kind and caring, and that is especially so in Emergency. ASH et al paint a picture which is as far away from TRUTH as it is possible to get.  But it is an INDUSTRY, and is thus concerned with profits. When the Bloombergs, and the Gates’s cease to support those industries, choice might re-emerge.


I titled this post: “A Sense of Duty”. Doctors and Nurses in hospitals have ‘THE SENSE OF DUTY”. I believe that the researchers who claim to be doctors have no such thing. It is totally different to claim to being doing your duty, as compared with pronouncing  from some high place.

These things need to be thought through. Bans and Prohibitions are not the answer, even if they are introduced by salami slices.

That last sentence is important. Salami slices work well to start with, but each iteration produces more and more antagonism.


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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    I find it very sad that large tobacco companies have abandoned their customers. An honourable exception is Tor who currently sell their Turkish and Oriental cigarettes. However both brand may disappear in May 2016 due to the disgusting ne Plain Packaging rules which the spineless MP’s have voted through.

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