A quick post tonight. The pub was quite jolly, and it does make a difference.

Dick Puddlecote drew attention to the Scottish Parliament’s committee deliberations about implementing the New World Government (The FCTC) demand that Tobacco Companies must be denied a voice. Ms Duffy from ASH Scotland demanded that the Scottish Government must implement the demands of the FCTC without demure. She said that the Scottish Government had no choice – it must implement the Treaty.

But, odd though it might seem, she did not get her own way and was harried. Essentially, when asked, she could not define ‘contacts with tobacco companies’.

It is not easy to be clear, and it is not designed to be clear.Everything that she said was emotional. A person on the committee asked her to define what topics should exclude tobacco companies from stating their case. She could not answer.

But that does not matter at all. The ‘debates’ are ‘show trials’. ASH SCOTLAND wants to justify its costs. That is becoming harder and harder. The main thing is that ASH SCOTLAND is artificial. It has always been so. It does not matter what ASH SCOTLAND says. it is no more relevant than The Inquisition.

I must to bed. Here is DP’s post:


I’m bogeyed and must to bed.




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  1. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    ASH need to be continually exposed as the expensive frauds they are. I see their bogus claims as an attack on me and my way of life. Appeasing bastards like these never works and their goal is to have all uses of tobacco prohibited.

  2. junican Says:

    “….and their goal is to have all uses of tobacco prohibited”.

    Other than drugs companies.

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