The Misery of It All

Chris Snowdon (I think) invited us to view a video of a Battle of Ideas about ecigs. I can’t remember exactly, but I think that Arnott was on the panel, if that was the video that I am thinking about. Whichever one it was, Arnott was on the panel.

I did not watch it. I did not watch it because I never want to see or hear Arnott again, apart from her confession of the crimes of creating hatred through her lies and distortions of science. But there are so many of these criminals that it would require something in the nature of the Nuremberg war crimes trials to cope with the numbers and intensity of the crimes and criminals.

I never want to see or hear Arnott again. I suppose that snippets of what she et al are unavoidable and that you need to know what they are saying, but you do not need to actually see their faces or listen to their voices.

The Zealots have been saying that the events in Paris are as nothing compared with the ‘devastating toll’ of smoking tobacco throughout the world. Naturally, I utterly disagree. For that to be true, people would be mown down while sitting outside a cafe having a beer or a coffee by a smoker blowing smoke at them. For that to be true, people would have to be physically committing suicide by the millions, by shooting themselves or slitting their wrists or throwing themselves over cliffs. That is not the same as enjoying a substance which might just possibly affect your ‘life years’.

But in a wider sense, the Zealots are creating MISERY. I read a lot of news sites, and am constantly appalled at the ignorance of commenters. I honestly believe that, if the Zealots shouted loudly, again and again, that going outside in the rain would cause you to inhale water to the extent that you might drown, a very large number of people would believe it. What is worse, is that people who never go outside in the rain would be the first to demand a law which forbade OTHER PEOPLE to go outside in the rain, because of the cost to the NHS. Or possibly the costs of clearing up the litter in the form of dead bodies in the streets. Some might even complain about ‘plagues of bluebottles’ caused by the dead bodies. The fact that they never see or step over a dead body in the street would not deter them. Sometimes, it is hard to understand people who say that their hair and clothes stink after going to a smoking place, even outdoors. They never seem to realise that it is their own body ‘effluent’ which is the reason that they need to wash their hair and clothes from time to time. Nor do they know that the air we breath is filthy, and our lungs have been dealing with that filth for millions of year.

Is it any wonder that, in the McTear Case, the Judge said that the ‘Experts’ (which included the fabulous Richard Doll) had not come remotely near providing good evidence that full-on smoking causes lung cancer? No one seems to understand that epidemiology is not SCIENCE – it is MATHEMATICS. I fail to understand why statisticians have not pointed that fact out in no uncertain terms. Statistics is MATHEMATICS. Epidemiology is counting, and, at best, can only point SCIENCE in the right direction. Thus, the Doctors Study can only show that more smokers than non-smokers got LC. That is all. HOW that might actually happen is SCIENCE, but no one to date, 50 years later, can isolate the cause. It is therefore reasonable to say that there is no known ’cause and affect’, although there may be.


But I have drifted. ‘The Misery of it All’.

Tobacco Control has created untold Misery. It is a Misery which is invisible mostly. It includes the Misery of smokers who have to go outside, without protection from inclement weather. It includes the Misery of persecution and harassment. It includes the Misery which will come from plain packaging and the ban on smoking in cars with kids present.

All this Misery was avoidable. It has been caused by politicians who were just passing through and voted for laws without having the slightest idea what they were doing. The existence of Lobby Groups is essential in a Democratic Society, provided that those Groups are accepted by politicians as informers and not enforcers. What we have seen in recent years, is Lobby Groups like TC making demands and being assuaged. How else can you describe PP?


I am sick to death of being made Miserable. I will not tolerate it. They can pass their ‘hospital grounds’ smoking ban. I do not care. “Let it develop” is a wise phrase which a friend of mine said years ago. Only when age-related incidences of LC prove that smoking is not especially related to LC will the Zealots move on to other targets.

The MISERY is caused by Government and no one else. Do not blame individuals like Glantz and Chapman. It is GOVERNMENT which is causing the MISERY.

I was GOVERNMENT which allowed the import of millions of strangers into France. It was GOVERNMENT which allowed millions of strangers into the UK. It is true that the observance of rituals in christian churches has declined enormously in the past decades, but we still live by the tenants of the New Testament, by and large. We DO forgive; We DO make allowances; we DO ‘not covet’. That is why we live together amicably on the whole.

I’m sick to death of Zealots, and, for the life of me, I do not understand why GOVERNMENT regards the Zealots as the fount of all wisdom.


But I am sick to death of the posturing. Just sick to death. Newspapers and their comment are of no importance at all. No one gives a shit about them. Only LAWS matter.

The Misery of it all.


6 Responses to “The Misery of It All”

  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Junican, you wrote, “The Zealots have been saying that the events in Paris are as nothing compared with the ‘devastating toll’ of smoking tobacco throughout the world.”

    Have they? Really? Idiots. They tried the same thing with the world trade center — used a graphic showing two upright cigs burning. The image and the message hit such an offensive button that even they couldn’t avoid realizing it and aborted the campaign shortly after it began.

    The problem with Zealotry is that the zealots become psychotically focused on their one goal in life and begin to interpret EVERYTHING purely in light of that goal. When they do that they begin to lose touch with how to communicate with the broader swath of humanity that evaluates and interprets events on a larger canvas. We sometimes fall into that trap ourselves, and it’s important to watch out for that, but I think the Antis dip into that mire deeper and more frequently.

    The saving grace for our side is that a lot of our message isn’t JUST about the world-as-is … we’re also focused on “where the world is heading” — and that’s a message that more people are interested in and willing to get emotional about. John Doe may not care much about smoking or the Antis or Us as we piddle about in our own playgrounds, but when we can communicate to John Doe that the EFFECTS of what happens in the current playgrounds can spill over and start contaminating things in their own spheres… THAT is when we grab their interest and, hopefully, their support.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      You’ll have to allow me some poetic license, MjM. The reference was was indirect. I can’t now remember what it was. I vaguely recall that it was something to do with third world poverty, or something similar.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Don’t despair. Keep enjoying our lovely habit. These Zealots are very very sad. I have decided i will not obey any more stupid rules or bans. I will flout them all whatever !

  3. westcoast2 Says:

    The zealots have turned tolerance to intolerance. We need to switch it back.

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