Is It Time for a New Crusade? (The Events in Paris (3).

The word ‘crusade’ has had a very bad press recently, and possibly rightly so. For what else can one describe Tobacco Control other than a ‘Crusade’? It is vicious, violent, unscrupulous, demeaning, underhand, scheming, dishonest, and COLD. It is especially COLD when it inflicts suffering upon mental health patients. Words such as ‘help’ lose all meaning when such afflicted people are forced to throw away one of their crutches, and forced to stand on one leg, on the grounds that doing so might just possibly enable them to live beyond 150 years. Would Arnott hang around physically ‘supporting’ a person who has been derived of one of his crutches? Would she hell!! No, she would move on to snatching away the crutch of another person to ‘help’ him/her to ‘stand on his/her own two feet’. The cruelty is abominable.

It seems that the crusades of the 12th century were very cruel. We must remember that Islam was well established by then. The crusades were intended to drive Islam out of the Holy Lands of Christendom, and they succeeded. Muslim people were driven out of Palestine to the East. The probability is that loads of Christians from Greece, or wherever, relocated to Palestine, protected by Crusaders. Until political events in Europe took the troops home. Oh Dear! Those immigrants were then on their own!


Whatever the true history might be, the fact is that the Christian crusades eventually failed, and the Holy Lands became of no importance.


In our modern way of thinking, the words ‘HOLY LANDS’ have no meaning. The area of land which Israel occupies is no different from a piece of the Antarctic. It is just ‘a place’. The Jews in Israel experienced just such similar attacks as Paris has, with just the same suicide intents. What did Israel do?

It found out who the perpetrators were and then took heavy machinery and demolished the houses of the families of the perpetrators and anyone associated with them. The attacks stopped.

Does Hollande have the same courage? It it turns out that some of the terrorists had homes in France, does he have the courage to demolish those homes?

Somehow, I doubt it. I suppose that he would rather send some jet aircraft to bomb a camel or two, rather than hit the supporters of the jihadists at home.

Thus, the new ‘Crusade’ is at home, and not abroad. Anyone who is involved in atrocities risks the loss of EVERYTHING that his family and supporters own.

Further, it is important that extremist Islamic Clerics should be targeted and killed, just as they themselves advocate. Whenever a cleric chants, “The kafir must be killed”, he himself is rendered an ‘outlaw’ with a price on his head.


So the new crusade must be to severely punish activists either directly or indirectly (demolishing homes), and/or killing Mullahs.

The ‘New Crusade’ is essential, if we are not to be subjected to slavery, according to the Koran.


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