The Events in Paris (2)

I read an informative piece today. It is quite a long read, but examines ISIS in some depth. The link is:

The title is “What ISIS really wants”, and the subtitle is “What is the Islamic State?”

Essentially, it says that the war in Syria is a civil, religious war. It says that the Islamic State organisation is essentially, “closely identified with the jihadist wing of a branch of Sunnism called Salafism, after the Arabic al salaf al salih, the “pious forefathers.

The article is written by someone who has studied Islam and enquired from many sources.

The ‘Salafists’ are Muslims who abide by a strict interpretation of the text of the koran. It is easy to see how that means stoning adulterers, but it also means waging war to extend ‘the caliphat’ to include the whole world. So there is a civil war going on between Sunnis and Shiites, with the added complexity of really aggressive ‘Salafists’.

But how does that translate into slaughter of Parisians, whether Muslim or not? Why is it that the assassins did not care whether their actions killed Muslims or not? Why did they not target some place which would obviously not be Muslim, such as a Christian Church? Perhaps it was because the church would be virtually empty. In that case, it is quite possible that a target could be wholly Muslim, since the assassins do not differentiate. If they are imports from Syria, or wherever, they might not know that a particular venue is a favourite place for Muslims.


Why do Muslims in the UK not protest their innocence?

I have read stuff which demands that decent Muslims should disassociate themselves from the assassins and condemn them, but I can understand why they do not. It is a matter of self-preservation. If any person spoke out about the atrocities, unless he is protected by bodyguards, he could expect to be assassinated, and the police could do nothing about it.What that actually means is that ‘the rule of law’ no longer applies in the UK. There are ‘outlaws’ abroad, and they are killers.


Is there a simple solution? I fear that we must go back to posting notices which say ‘dead or alive’. Muslims dare not speak out openly, but they could denounce extremists, who could be described as: “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. £50,000 REWARD”. I see no alternative. If that were the case, then decent Muslims could report suspicious activities without personal risk.

I have a taxi contact. He is a Muslim. I have spoken to his daughter, who is what I would call a normal, Lancashire girl. His wife is similarly Lancastrian. He told me that his wife has been in the UK for 20 years, whereas he has been here for only 5 years. Perhaps we got out wires crossed because he could hardly have a teenage daughter unless ….. etc, etc. I haven’t met the daughter, but I have spoken to her on the phone. She is charming, friendly, Lancastrian, helpful, understanding, NORMAL.

I suspect that it is this NORMALITY that the people behind IS are trying to destroy – in France, the UK, the USA, Germany, etc. NORMALITY means that Muslims, Christians, Jehoshaphat’s witnesses, etc, can live together amicably, along with agnostics and atheists.

But the Events in Paris also show the triviality of Tobacco Control. Political Death and Destruction are more or less unknown in the USA and Australia. Those countries have not experienced Genocide in the same way that Europe has. They do not understand. They allow ‘childlike’ evidence to fill their minds. ‘Tobacco smoke is a ghostly devil. It will turn you into a rotting vegetable”.

I wonder if the ‘Incidents in France’ will make politicians understand that the enjoyment of tobacco is the least of our nation’s worries.

I doubt it.


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  1. garyk30 Says:

    ” it also means waging war to extend ‘the caliphat’ to include the whole world”

    Oh, a ‘One World Order’?

    EU toadies are trying to do the same thing.

    EU folks had better hurry before they are be-headed by the other wanna-be rulers.

    • junican Says:

      LoL. But I think that the ‘One World Order’ has already been established. But it is all rather secret and no one know precisely who the rulers are – yet. It is most certainly plain beyond doubt that the minor leaders of tobacco control (such as Chapman and Glantz) are in contact with each other and are preaching from the same hymn-book because of they have been brainwashed just as severely as more minor players. I feel sure that the brainwashing includes making them believe that they are major players. They are not, and can be cast aside just as Siegel, Bates and Philips were.
      Who are the top people? Follow the money. Think of Bloomberg, Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, Big Pharma, etc. They call the tunes.

  2. Ed Says:

    Whether it’s a superstitious date or the origin of that superstition is probably irrelevant. The brutal end of many French Templars were associated with that date. A large proportion of their wealth was stolen by the king and the remainder of their movement fled to Scotland, moving their HQ from Italy and France to England. This marked the beginnings of England becoming the dominant world empire.

    You could argue that their Christian crusades were more or less the same and just as bloody as the Muslim jihad.

    Also, do you remember Anders Breivik at all, or his association with the Knights Templar group?

    The Templars manifesto, plus Breivik’s diary was an interesting read, albeit a long one;

    This pdf in particular, caught my attention;

    I’m surprised that google has left it up tbh, but there’ll be plenty of budding Templars reading all of this!

    Whether there was any significance when this group or their handlers chose that date or not, I’m sure a lot of European Templar/Order 777/EDL-Like groups will see it as being significant. If its intent is to spark a new wave of enraged right-wing extremists on bloody “crusades” against Muslims in Europe after these attacks, it may just work. It’ll also ensure more war and bombing in Syria. That one is a no-brainer.

    • junican Says:

      I have read the first two links I must say that I find it difficult to accept that the Knights Templare can have endured for so long. Perhaps that organisation has been revived in a modern form. To be totally honest, I have no idea, but I can see that the name could entice recruits.
      I don’t think that people like Obama, Cameron and Hollande are KTs, and they hold the keys to ‘Crusade’.

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