The ‘Totalitarian’ Attitude of Public Health

Nothing could illustrate the attitude of ‘Public Health’ to ecigs than than the words of the Public Health apologist who spoke for some self-appointed organisation which purports to be a ‘charity’. There are so many of these ‘charities’ that you cannot differentiate between one and another. That seems also to be the case regarding Climate Control.

It seems to me that anyone can create an ‘Institution’. That word means nothing at all. It could be applied to a dieting group. For decades, one or two individuals have described themselves as a massive group. The classic case is ASH – ‘Action on Smoking and Health’. It has no members, even though it is described as a ‘Charity’. It has always been so. It has no income, other than grants from ‘interested parties’. It is a parasite.

So its support of ecigs has no worth. It matters not what Arnott says. Remember that ASH UK is a tiny organisation with only a tiny number of employees. How it has gained ‘Authority’ is  beyond my comprehension.


Crazy though it might seem, I like the idea of European Integration. But no one with any sense would start with ‘Health’. ‘Health’ is a  consequence of many variables.

The EU is upside down.


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