Musing Upon Totalitarianism (“There is only one correct way”)

Readers will be aware that Herself is in hospital. Thankfully, she returns home tomorrow. Thankfully also, she will be at home before Social Services start to interfere with our decade-long ‘best practices’. But there is a strong possibility that, having made the right noises and covered themselves, they will leave us alone. But it would be ungracious not to acknowledge the fact that The State has helped us enormously. We have what is called a ‘stand assist’ hoist. You fasten a belt around the waist of the afflicted person and attach straps to the hoist. The patient’s feet go on a small platform, and the knees are braced against supports. The bones of the patient support her, and not the muscles. The Social Services university educated girl did not know that, a few years ago, when Herself was last in hospital. She wanted us to employ a device which was something like a crane, which would lift the patient bodily into the air, using some sort of sling. It would have required two people to operate it. But when I asked whom the other person would be, answer came there none.

We have other useful devices. We should not discount the value of these things.

But I do not wish to dwell on such things. Of more interest is the fact that the WHO has said that meat which has been ‘processed’ by smoking, preserving by salting, etc, is a Class 1 carcinogen, just as strongly as smoking cigs. Note that that does not mean that the affect is a strong. It depends upon exposure. You could say that eating a steak is as bad as smoking one cig. Or, if you are so inclined, you could say that eating ten pounds of steak is as bad as smoking one cig. no one knows.

But these people NEVER give time-scales. They NEVER say how long you would have to eat a pound of steak every day of your life before that eating of steak caused a cancer to appear.

That has been the case with ‘passive smoking’. The Puritanical Zealots have claimed that X number of people who do not smoke but who live with smokers get lung cancer or suffer heart problems, or other problems, or die. The Enstrom and Kabat Study kicked that idea into touch. They found that it made no difference whether ‘partners’ lived with smokers or not when it came to LC and heart problems. Amazingly, the BMJ published the results of that study, but that was before Tobacco Control gained control of ‘the institutions’.

“The Long March Through The Institutions” is only now bearing fruit for the Puritan Zealots. The Royal Society used to be pure science. Now, it is politicised junk science. It has nothing to do with the members. They have no control. The Executive has been taken over. The same applies to the British Medical Assn (BMA). Loads of such “Institutions” have created separate ‘tobacco control’ units, answerable to no one, but which cost a bomb in salaries. Would it not make sense for Gov to say, “Hang on. Who is paying for dozens of university Tobacco Control departments? Is it students who are paying, and why? If it is taxpayers, the same question of ‘why’ arises. How many universities need to investigate tobacco pleasure?

The problem for all of us, not only smokers, is “Institutions”. At the end of the day, the ‘Lung Institution’ must demand a law which requires everyone to wear a surgical mask at all times, both indoors and outdoors. The atmosphere is disgusting, filthy, stinking.

I had other specific ideas tonight but they have escaped me.

What seems to be true is that our Nation is becoming more and more totalitarian. Everyone must conform.

Enough for tonight.




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