‘Servitude’ is akin to ‘Slavery’ without the obvious coercion. We read that certain African Chiefs, during the slavery epoch, were happy to get payment for X amount of slaves to be exported to the USA, and that most of these exported people were conquered people. That was coercion and was ‘Slavery’.

‘Servitude’ is different. ‘Servant’ and ‘Slave’ are a little different from each other. Perhaps the difference is that a ‘Servant’ can opt out of the servitude, whereas a ‘Slave’ cannot.


Strange things have been happening. It started seriously with smoking bans. We should note that no one in politics took responsibility. MPs voted flippantly. They did not think about the affect on pubs and the affect upon entertainers. They accepted what they were told was ‘the science’ without critical examination.

‘Flippancy’ seems to be normal in Parliament. The consequences of laws seem to be of no interest to MPs, and yet it is the consequences of laws which MPs are elected to dispute. They are not elected to ‘Servitude’, in the sense of following the party line, which has been decided by an unknown ‘Elite’. Who decided that Cameron should be a candidate for the Conservative Party leadership? Who decided that he was ‘just the man’? Who primed him, so that he could learn his speech by heart and seem wonderful?

Who decided that PP and no smoking in cars containing kids were worth enacting, thus criminalising anyone who disobey? Was the criminalisation commensurate with the damage believed to ensue from such activities?

Clearly, it was not, any more than the swinging fines on publicans who allowed smoking in their pubs were commensurate with the supposed harm and danger. Thus, it is obvious that dropping a filter tip from a cig could incur a fine of £1,000, whereas dropping a big plastic bottle could incur a fine of £1.

The hysteria must be seen in much the same way as ‘witch-hunting’ is seen today. It is based upon nothing but rumour.


It is time that smokers broke the ‘Servitude’. They have a human right to do so. They do not have to accept the chains. They do not have to pay swingeing sin taxes. There are all sorts of ways.

What is critical, as we have seen, is that MPs are subject to ‘Servitude’, and that is why they vote for laws which result in persecution of sections of the population one section at a time.

It is hard to see where it will end.


2 Responses to “Servitude”

  1. garyk30 Says:

    “slaves to be exported to the USA”

    Actually, only a small percentage of the slave trade went to the USA.

    Out of 12.5 million slaves that left Africa, only about 400,000(3%) went to the USA.

    About 2.8 million(14%) of the blacks died en-route.

    That is 7 times the number that ended up in the USA.

    Seems a lot of folks have agreed to ‘voluntary servitude’ under their various govts.

    • junican Says:

      I didn’t know that so few of the African slaves went to the USA. I am very surprised. I know that many went to the West Indies islands, and I suppose that many went to South America.
      But that does not affect my point, does it? Having said that, My point is not clear! You put it better when you said ‘voluntary’ servitude. That is my point, and I should have said so more clearly. People can opt out of voluntary servitude and should do so.

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