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Because of the situation of Herself, I have had to cancel my trip to Spain. We are not short of money, and so I decided that, for the next few months, we would have to pay the full cost of cigs. The problem is that I do not want to be going to the local co-op and buying a few packets of 2o every couple of days. So I investigated the possibility of buying FULL PRICE INCLUDING DUTY cigs, in bulk (say, 10 sleeves at a time) via the internet. Why not? It is easy for organisations to check if the person buying is over 18 these days.

And yet I had enormous difficulty. I thought that I had found just the site. It was a ‘’ site. I examined it very carefully, and it all seemed to be above board. And so I ordered a trial pack of 4 x 200 cartons. Blow me down but, when it came to paying, the site introduced a really weird round-about system. I shall not go into detail, but it involved converting sterling into dollars, imputing bank account details, reversing the process so that any ‘refund’ could be processed, etc.

That I did not like one tiny bit. A site which describes itself as ‘’ ought to trade in sterling.

I also found some adverse comments on the net about this organisation regarding non-delivery of the goods.

Here, however, is the rub. The site does not actually say that the goods are ‘duty paid’. One has to calculate that it is so via the price. For example, 200 cigs cost about £68, which is about right if they are ‘duty paid’, but you cannot be sure.

So I have emailed them to ask, a) ARE the cigs UK duty paid, and, b) how they answer the complaints.

It seems almost impossible to buy cigs legitimately in bulk in the UK, and yet I know of no law which forbids such purchases. Neither Amazon nor Ebay have sources, and it seems that google etc block legitimate duty paid bulk purchases but do not block illegitimate un-duty paid sources.

My important point is that, in my circumstances, it is better for me and herself to buy cigs in reasonably large quantities merely for convenience, regardless of the costs. It is merely a question of convenience temporarily.

Again, we see the unelected, Common Purpose (‘leading beyond authority’) apparatchiks banning things via threats. It seems that no tobacco shop can offer cigs, at full price, for purchase on line. And yet booze can be bought with no trouble at all.

Has anyone any ideas?


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  1. cherie79 Says:

    I bought Black Russian Sobranie online ok though not in bulk! I will check my desktop tomorrow and see if I can find the name. All prices were in sterling.

  2. cherie79 Says:

    I think it was called my smoking shop don’t know what other brands they sell though,

  3. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Whew…. 68 pounds for a carton? I dunno why you guys don’t all move to America. Despite our own confiscatory taxes, you are STILL able to “Roll Your Own” here with reasonably nice tobacco for less than 15 pounds per carton!

    – MJM

  4. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Hi. I buy mine from Brucciani in Carlisle from their internet site. All UK duty paid and a splendid service from nice people. They usually arrive the next day after ordering.

    • junican Says:

      I found their site and bookmarked it. Their selection of cigs is very limited according to the site. The same applies to the site mentioned by cherie.
      I might give them a bell.

  5. smokingscot Says:

    You might like to take a gander in the Halliwell area, maybe after 20.00 hrs and have a chat with a few of the storekeepers there.

    One busted is good copy for the local rag. There will be many more, though probably far more cautious about whom they sell to.

  6. smokingscot Says:

    Pondered that, out the box like.

    Seems that Bolton is a 1 hour 45 minute journey to Hull.

    And car, accommodation and two people can travel to Bruges for about £250, return within 24 hours.

    Once there, you go visit this place

    If you wish a large quantity, please phone them first to reserve.

    There are very few places with smoking rooms in Bruges, however I have a list of some.

    I know that Pat does that run every so often, so you may wish to email her to see as she can get very low prices on the ferry trip.

    • junican Says:

      I went on the ferry with a group mostly from Hull a couple of years ago (mentioning no names). Most went to Bruges, but a couple got on a train to somewhere. I went to Bruges in 1957 (59?) while on a cycling trip to the World Fair in Brussels. It was interesting to go back. Not a lot in the main town square had changed as far as I can remember.
      I bought 20 sleeves from a local tobacconist. I noticed that they had a bar/cafe inside the shop where you could smoke.
      Yes, that is a possibility, but not in November. I’m toying with the idea of a trip to Benidorm when herself comes out of hospital.
      Thanks for the info.

  7. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    I know you’re looking for ‘straights’ but if you do find yourself wanting handrolling or injecting tobacco (UK Duty Paid) then has always impressed me . I sometimes buy perique or ‘gauloises’ style tobacco from them and never had a problem.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks. It is really weird how ‘cigarettes’ are singled out for especial demonisation when the Zealots say that ALL tobacco use is fatal.

  8. lysistratatheoriginal Says:

    Hi Junican
    Because I have periods when I’m housebound, I faced the same problem. Then I found I could order cigarettes online from Morrison’s supermarket – along with the usual washing powder, coffee and vegetables! Same price as instore but delivered to your door. Worked a treat. Don’t know about other supermarkets or if you can do this in Ireland but worth looking at?
    Warmest regards to Mrs J for a continuing recovery.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the commiserations! She is doing ok.
      Strange, is it not? I checked Morrison’s site and they do rolling tobacco etc, but not cigs. There seems to be an absolute “No,No” regarding cigs. I suspect that the reason is ‘anti tobacco COMPANY produce’.
      Nothing surprises me any more.

      • lysistratatheoriginal Says:

        Junican they DO do cigs!! I ordered 20 packets of JPS from them a couple of months ago and that’s exactly what arrived with my groceries! CIGARETTES. 4 small cartons with 5 packs in each. (Managed to get some via Greece since then, thank god.)

        Well, unless they’ve stopped doing them recently. I’ll go and check and email you in a bit. Lx

      • junican Says:

        I checked again. You are perfectly correct! But you have to go beyond the first page and ‘search’ for products.
        I might swap from ASDA to Morrisons. ASDA is in a mess. Generally, because of the circumstances of our lives, I let other people do the complaining and hope that their complaints make a difference. Perhaps I am wrong to do so, but I have more important things to deal with than the behaviour of supermarkets. Let healthy people complain about 5p bag charges. I do not give a shit.
        What I give a shit about is the theft involved in cig taxes.
        Thanks for the tip. At least there is secure payment.

  9. beobrigitte Says:

    I am a lot luckier – even when I don’t travel, I have visitors who know that tobacco is a welcomed “gift” for the host.

    I would NEVER buy tobacco over the internet. I have been told that you end up paying more than what you pay at your local shop…

    • junican Says:

      Maybe, dear, but sometimes convenience over-rides economics. What is most important is safety.

  10. lysistratatheoriginal Says:

    Just checked Morrison’s again – YES THEY STILL DO CIGARETTES ONLINE FOR DELIVERY*. Loads and loads of brands listed. Are you sure you’re looking at the correct bit of their site?
    Maybe you have to register with them first (you don’t need to buy anything, just register). Then browse their shop – look under ‘Tobacco and Cigarettes’.

    *Well, they do in Yorkshire where I’m living now. Maybe Lancashire is too full of po-faced Presbyterians? 😉

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