Addiction and Exploitation

I must admit that I am posting just to pass the time. Herself is much better and we hope to have her home soon.

I was thinking about tobacco/nicotine addiction.

When we had to decide whether or not to get herself to hospital, we had little help. I rang the ‘out of hours’ help-line and described the problems – swollen tummy, chesty cough and being sick. You can reasonably understand how a medic could see those symptoms as pretty meaningless – nothing to put your finger on. Moving on, she arrived at the hospital.

I knew, from previous experience, that no one in ‘Emergency’ would be in any rush. That sounds like a contradiction, but it is true. So…. I DECIDED in advance that I would not be bothered about smoking.

We were in ‘Emergency’ for about five hours, and, since I had decided not to bother about smoking, I did not bother to go outside for a fag, even though I had two daughters with me. I just decided not to let smoking bother me. I decided thus. It was not a problem. I did not feel ill or aggravated. I just accepted it. Only when Herself was moved to a ward and we left the hospital did I light a cig. Sod their ‘smoke-free premises’.


What is important about these comments is that the ‘Obsession’ with smoke-free and smoking is not among smokers. We smokers can decide. The obsession is with the Oncologists etc who fulminate. It is THEY who are obsessed, addicted, and not us smokers. Those people have been obsessed for decades. So obsessed and addicted are they that they assume ‘kingly’ attributes.


But where does ‘addiction’ to ‘kingly’ attributes turn to Exploitation?

We know that it is so. Someone somewhere will see the earning potential very quickly while the rest of us are still in bed. It has ever been so. For example, in the hospital, there is coca cola and pepsi and others. All of the choices are ‘zero’ sugar. There is no choice otherwise. Therefore, there is no point in stocking variant products – they are all the same, regardless of the names on the products. And yet the snack bar has a bucket of sugar bags with which to sweeten drinks like coffee and tea. How can such a place have such contradictory standards? The answer must be that the hospital bosses don’t really give a shit. They follow a ‘politically correct’ agenda.

What can we do? The answer is – nothing. That is, nothing until politicians start to understand that the Health Zealots and the Climate Change Zealots are frauds, and that they, the politicians, are being taken for a ride. But there is a problem. If the politicians cannot rely upon the current gang of ‘experts’, what gang of ‘experts’ can they rely upon?

‘Experts’ exploit politicians, and politicians exploit ‘experts’. It is the perfect circle.


4 Responses to “Addiction and Exploitation”

  1. elenamitchell Says:

    You are so right. I decided that I would cut down my smoking, so when I feel like a fag I decide not to have one and go and do something.
    It’s only when someone tells me that I definitely can’t have a fag that I get desperate.

    Glad your wife is getting better.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    “Herself is much better and we hope to have her home soon.”


    As for smoking and addiction:
    1. Every smoker quits for about 8 hours every night and never worries about it before going to sleep.

    2. I smoke at least 30 cigs per day; but, I have never dreamed about cigs or smoking and never have night-mares about not being able to smoke.

    3.It is absolutely a must for smokers to be addicted and for smoking to be a total health hazard.
    Otherwise, the nannies are not ‘angels of mercy’, they are demons willfully tormenting folks pursuing a harmless habit by their own free will.

    4. The antis will, nor could, not ever admit to being ‘tormenting demons’ and will avidly seek any and all reasons for believing otherwise.

    • junican Says:

      So right, gary. I often get up in the night for a pee several hours after going to bed. If I am so addicted, why does my body not DEMAND that I light up at that time? I just go back to bed and drift off again.
      ‘Tormenting demons’ is a good phrase. You could shorten it to ‘demented’.
      It would be interesting to see the results if a psychologist did some tests on the psyche of these ‘tormented souls’.

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