Herself Goes into Hospital

A quick post tonight. Herself has had to go into hospital.

The trouble with Multiple Sclerosis is that the symptoms of common infections become much exaggerated. For example, both she and I caught a chesty cold. You know the type – not much snot but loads of phlegm. My infection cleared up, but her’s has lingered on. Further, she might also have a urinary infection. Thus, both combined hit her quite hard. The admission is more in the nature of a precaution, so we expect her back home in a few days. What precipitated the definite decision to call the medics was that she needs to drink a lot of fluids because she has to have a catheter, but her tummy had swollen. How expect her to drink lots of fluid when her tummy is swollen? The two ideas are contradictory.

But, as I said, the admittance is precautionary and we hope to have her back home in a couple of days.


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  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Hope all works out well for her quickly and she’s back to cuddle with you quick Junican! 🙂

    One thing I discovered while in the hospital for a post-bicycle accident week about fifteen years ago was that it can be very important for a patient to have one or two people who are close to them who are quite happy to just sit and read or watch something quietly on the TV at your side, even after official visiting hours. You tend to feel very helpless in the hospital because you’re so dependent on the good will and good work of all sorts of “authority figures” around you who may or may not know what they’re doing and who may or may not be open to listening to your needs. Having someone at your side to help you speak up for yourself or attend to the little things (adjusting pillows properly, getting you a can of the proper type of soft drink that you really crave, etc) that you can’t depend upon overworked hospital staff for can mean an awful lot.

    If my own experience is any guide over there, hospital staff discourage after-hours visitation because they know that visitors can often be draining on a patient who feels a need to “entertain” them in gratitude for the visit. But a single, quiet, close visitor who is obviously of help to a patient and who will also likely relieve the staff of some of the minor work-calls they might otherwise be getting may be tolerated. If you’re the type who’d like to simply be there at her side reading a good novel for a few hours while she slept you may find that that’s possible, and, if her in-hospital experience is at all like mine was, she might really appreciate the company.

    Give her best wishes and some hugs from all your cyber-friends, OK?


  2. thelastfurlong Says:

    Wishing Herself and Yourself well.

  3. elenamitchell Says:

    Best wishes for a very speedy recovery.

  4. Rose Says:

    I hope she feels better soon.

  5. J Brown Says:

    I hope that all is well and Herself is feeling better and back home very soon. I also hope that you take care of yourself as you run back and forth to the hospital – it can be quite wearying for the caregiver, as well. All the very best!

  6. Ed Says:

    Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. Best wishes.

  7. garyk30 Says:

    Best wishes

  8. cherie79 Says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  9. junican Says:

    My thanks to all for those good wishes. I and daughters visited twice today. The tummy swelling seems to have gone a lot and the nurse in charge says that her blood oxygen is now normal (whatever that means!). She still has a drip for the infections, but she is her usual acerbic self in most ways. “Light me a cig”. “We can’t!”. “Why not?” You’re in hospital” “Oh”. But, actually, she is far better than I am at going without. In fact, so much so that I was surprised that she asked. Just force of habit, I suppose.
    I’m quite proud of myself. When we took her in, I knew that it would involve a long periods of waiting for medics to do their tests. I made a conscious decision not to let not smoking bother me. It did not because I decided that it would be so. About five hours without being bothered. The same applies to visiting. I made a conscious decision, and therefore not smoking was not a problem. They can stuff their rules and regulations – I shall decide!

  10. lysistratatheoriginal Says:

    Very sorry, have just read this. Warmest thoughts to you both and good wishes for a speedy return home. L xxx

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