Not Knowing What to Talk About

There are some things that it is wise not to talk about too much. For example, ‘home growing’ of nicotiana plants is a topic which could be dodgy. There is no doubt that there is a ‘police state atmosphere’ in our land. Parliament has decreed that one cannot have a fag in one’s car in the presence of one’s own children. One cannot even park the car, assuming that it is raining, and open the door and light up. You have to get out of the car completely and stand in the rain. That regulation is clearly designed, without a doubt, to punish smokers. If you smoke, you must suffer to do so. It is easy to suspect that there are secret policemen watching the internet to track down those people who use the word ‘tobacco’ in a post. No one should talk about ‘tobacco’ except prohibitionists. Even more so, no one should talk about growing ‘nicotiana’ plants except botanists. Anyone who does so is suspect. Anyone who does so might be depriving the Revenue of its just deserts, just like anyone who has apple trees in their garden is depriving the Revenue of VAT by not buying apples from shops.

There was a ‘consultation’ not long ago from the Revenue which was about a regulation intended to subvert the ordinary common market agreement that cured tobacco leaves are agricultural produce and therefore not subject to excise duty. At the time, it appears that Ireland had considered forcing importers of such produce to be licensed, but that the idea had been abandoned. The UK Revenue had in mind to introduce the same idea.

The weird thing is that only about 50 tons of such produce is imported annually. That might sound a lot, and, if translated into cigs, means millions of pounds of lost Revenue. Right. But that argument relies upon the idea that those who go to the trouble of converting such stuff to cigs would buy tobacco products from shops and pay the retail price along with their punitive taxes. I doubt that that is true. They would find another way.

The volume of stuff imported and exported is GIGANTIC. Hundreds, if not thousands, of container boats dock in ports every day. A comparatively small number of people import a few tons of nicotiana leaf from time to time. If those legitimate imports demanded a licence, how would Customs police such imports? The fact is that they could not. The idea of licencing is a typical bureaucratic fudge. The simple truth is that criminals do not do licences, and so it would be legitimate importers who would suffer.

It is a matter of fact that Tobacco Control has punished legitimate businesses. Tobacco Control has cost the Nation millions of pounds and deprived the Nation of hundreds of millions of pounds. And yet, just as many people enjoy tobacco as did ten years ago. The difference is that such people do not go to pubs any more, or, if they do, they do not stay there for long. A quick pint and then home where they can enjoy themselves.

Surveys of smoking habits? Perhaps ten years ago, people might have answered honestly. Does anyone who has been subjected to repeated cold-call telephone marketing tell the truth any more? Of course not! “Thanks but no thanks. I have a perfectly good alarm system”. That system is a dog.

“Do you smoke?”

“Fuck off! “NO!!” “Fuck off!”

It is right to use the dismissive phrase “Fuck off” because the question is impertinent. it has become equivalent to, “Do you wank?”. It is a well-known fact that wanking makes wankers go blind. Studies have show that to be true – hundreds of them. Hundreds of studies have shown that being ill is 50% more likely to lead to death than being healthy. The Doctors Study showed that being old is more likely to lead to death than being young.

All the Doctors in that study are now DEAD.  Not one single non-smoker or smoker is still alive. All are DEAD. Had none of them smoked they would all be equally DEAD.

The easiest way for Smokers to handle the situation is to wait. In New Orleans, for example, it is the bar owners who need to protest and rebel. Smokers need not say anything.

That is true everywhere. There really is ‘Nothing to Talk About’. We have entered into a mysterious quagmire of behaviour rather than facts.

You cannot really talk about behaviour with having ‘ten commandments’ or some such.



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  1. Jude Says:

    Ah so true Junican, this is why I always have a good laugh when I hear the dribble coming from the tobacco control industry about how few people in my country, Australia, smoke. They survey people and look at tobacco sales, (those over taxed cigs that the government wants people to smoke), but fail to even notice the huge and growing black market. Growing tobacco is illegal here, but that doesn’t seem to be making a dent in the “chop chop” market, which is growing daily. In my remote small town, I see smokers everyday that smoke chop chop, as well as imported cigs with nice coloured packets and odd sounding names. If the black market has reached this little corner of the continent, then it must be absolutely rife in the cities and larger less remote towns. I used to buy chop chop myself, as I was a rollie smoker before switching to vaping. It was as easy to get as going to the shop for the expensive “legal” stuff.

    Then we come to the dodgy surveys, every smoker I know lies about smoking, they lie because they know that if they admit to being a smoker, they can be refused a house to rent, they get second rate health care, they get discrimination when applying for jobs, and many other areas of life, so its easier to just lie. After all, its not like they can smoke anywhere but in private now, so who’s gonna know.

    If they answer any survey, or questions on smoking from anyone in public health, they lie, because these people are not to be trusted to not inform on them. The government has just brought in legislation that forces ISPs to hold every single person’s meta data for 2 years, so even using the internet is now dangerous to your freedom and privacy. (although this can be gotten around quite easily for anyone slightly tech savvy.)

    So we end up in a bizarre world of tobacco control fantasy, where ordinary people are now criminals, but the real criminals make the laws aided and abetted by their corrupt mates in the tobacco control industry.

    Its fascinating to watch, but this is best done from a distance, lest the simple act of observation gets caught on the radar of the police state we now live in.

    • junican Says:

      A very good summation, Jude, but Australia has become a basket case. How utterly mad is it to ban nicotine other than in cigs? That is, unless you subject yourself to the control of the medical profession, via patches and gum, and Big Pharma – and the Fascists in Government.
      Fascism has morphed into ‘gentle’ force rather than ‘vicious’ force, but it is still the same thing.
      I wonder what would happen if only, say, 10% of people eligible to vote voted? What sort of mandate would ANY political party have?

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