Control of Nations

Has anyone noticed? Well, I suppose readers must be very much aware, but national politicians do not seem to be so aware.

Let’s face it. The FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) is not a treaty which controls smoking or smokers. It is a treaty which control Nations. Despite its apparent concentration on excluding tobacco companies from discussions of policy, that is a side issue. The real objective is, and always has been, the control of national policy. If national policy can be controlled regarding tobacco, then it can be controlled for anything else. Thus, Climate Control has produced masses of national policy control to the extent that charging 5p per plastic bag in supermarkets will save the world from catastrophic warming. Clearly, the wind-farms are not working, otherwise there would be no need to charge 5p per bag.

The hysteria around ecigs especially shows that Tobacco Control has failed miserably. Something that I read today, I forget where, shows that cigarette sales are growing and growing as more and more people can afford them. I’m not talking about those poor people who are forced to live on benefits in the UK. I am talking about dynamic second world nations like China. We forget that such Nations have their own economic dynamic, which does not depend upon The West. Suppose that the Nations of Africa threw off the straight-jacket of the UN and really got going? Their natural assets, in terms of uranium, coal, gas, special metals, etc, have hardly been touched. It seems to me that the purpose of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control) exists only to stop those Nations from realising the value of their assets which lie underground.

Which Nation controls and owns the UN? Eh? It is the USA. After WW2, Britain, France, Germany, etc were buggered. Only the USA was untouched. The USA suffered the ignominy of Pearl Harbour, but, other than that, it suffered very little directly. It was not invaded, nor was there much prospect of it being invaded. The USA reaped the profits of World Domination after WW2. The Marshall Plan put everyone in defeated Europe to work for USA companies. Only very gradually were the workers allowed to keep a reasonable part of their earnings.

So the UN is 90% owned by the USA. Should we be surprised? We should not. Is it any wonder then that obscenities like the FCTC arise? The USA is still, basically, puritanical. I haven’t personally met a lot of Americans, but those that I have met seem to have an underlying sense of ‘seriousness’. They do not seem to do ‘jolly’, ‘inconsequential’,  ‘giggle’. Even ‘fun’ has to have a purpose.


I think that it is no accident that Nations are being controlled, and, largely, they are being controlled by the USA.

I am amazed that Nations like Russia and China have succumbed to the FCTC dominance and the IPCC dominance. Sometimes I wonder if they are paying lip-service in order to gain an advantage. It is easy to see how tobacco companies (and thus, smokers) can be milked for taxes. It is easy to see how energy companies can be similarly milked.

But, eventually, Nations that embark upon such ventures sink their own ships. That is because those ventures are nothing but COSTS. They have no PRODUCTION or PRODUCTIVITY element. In fact, the more efficient they become, the more costly they become. For example, tax increases on tobacco products has produced a criminal underworld which imports such products in abundance. To stop such activities, Customs officers must increase in numbers, or they must ignore other imports such as heroin. They cannot police both without increased numbers. So, not only do tax incomes reduce, but also costs increase.

Why is it that such obvious consequences, which have occurred again and again and again over the centuries, not been seen and lessons learnt?

The EU was founded upon a simple idea. That idea was to stop European Nations from going to war with each other. The basic idea was that IMPORTANT RESOURCES, such as coal, gas, steel, would be shared out between Nations equitably so that those Nations would not have to go to war to get the materials which their industries needed. Those materials could be bought via a central exchange which equalised the cost. There was, originally, such a thing as ‘The European Coal and Steel Community” (or something like that). That was the beginning of the Common Market. But what I want to emphasise is ‘Coal and Steel’. At the time, many Nations had no indigenous sources of coal (pre the gas explosion) or the iron ore from which steel was created. The Coal and Steel Treaty gave all Nations in the Common Market access to those commodities, and thus reduced the need for belligerence.

That made sense, and it worked.

So what went wrong?

It is clear and obvious. Charlatans took over. To be precise, the USA took over. The EU is dominated by the USA, and it is the USA which controls the Nations of Europe – it has done so since the end of WW2.

What that means is that politicians such as Cameron can do what they like until the USA says ‘jump’, at which point Cameron has to ‘jump’. And so does Merkel and Hollande.


The EU must be reformed totally. If not, then we must get out. Messing about at the extremities is not an option. The EU is a USA creation, started shortly after WW2. But it is corrupt beyond imagining. We should not be surprised. Charlatans gravitate towards such institutions. They are easy meat.

It is all very sad. The EU could have been wonderful, but it allowed itself to become a useful idiot for USA puritanism.



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  1. ricktransit Says:

    Nail on head. Am I right in thinking that the US is one of the few Western countries that doesn’t have a blanket smoking ban and hasn’t ratified the FCTC or the Kyoto Protocol, even though they’re responsible for all those things through their proxies?

    • junican Says:

      Yes, you are right – sort of. Smoking bans originate from States and local authorities – witness the New Orleans ban. The USA has never ratified the FCTC. Why should it? It controls the WHO so it does not need to ratify anything. It does what it wants.

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