The ‘Elite’ Paedophile Ring

This is not a subject with which I usually engage although I am interested. For the most part, I see the word ‘abuse’ as being a political invention which means very little. For example, suppose that Savile groped some young wench’s bum. Is that ‘abuse’? Is it SEXUAL abuse? If I take a girl’s hand and kiss it, is that sexual abuse? I remember, eons ago, coming face to face with a pretty young girl in a nightclub when making my way from A to B in a crowded bar. It seemed natural, whilst shepherding her around me to just casually stroke her bum. There was no ill-intent. It was nice. And she went, “Ooh!”, and smiled a luscious smile. Was my action ‘sexual abuse’? Was it even ‘inappropriate touching’? What few commenters seem to appreciate that ‘appropriate’ depends entirely upon the circumstances at the time. There is no absolute definition of ‘appropriate’, nor is there a definition of the circumstances. In my youth, it was common for young men and women to indulge in the most blatant sexual activity on the dance floor by virtue of clinging to each other bodily and kissing and blatantly groping each other. It is hardly likely that those groping did not lead to shagging some time later.

The ‘Judiciary’ seem to have some sort of Victorian idea that girls do not enjoy shagging. They do it only if they are married or if they are seduced. No ‘normal’ girl would assent to pre-marital sex unless she was seduced. Therefore, any girl who might indulge for pleasure is, by definition, a harlot. Girls are harlots or have been seduced. There are no prostitutes. Harlots exist. They are those females who enjoy sex but do not have a husband, unless, of course, they have been seduced – or groped, or ‘touched inappropriately’.


The idea of ‘an elite paedophile ring’ is massively appealing to the vicarious masses who read Sunday newspapers. It is not that the masses believe it, on the whole, it is more that it is amusing. Of what interest is it for most of us to find out that the FIFA president has been taking massive bribes (if he has). What do most of us care? We are more interested in smoking bans.

For a change, the BBC has produced a balanced report on the matter of ‘Paedophile Rings’. I got the info from:

That is worth reading in itself.

The actual BBC report is here:


We cannot trust the BBC one inch, so watch that report with the idea in mind that the BBC is not unbiased. It is crudely ‘leftist’ and ‘politically correct’ at the same time. For example, BBC news had a pointless report of some vague ‘global warming’ affect, along with a repeat of video pics of the poor child which was drowned as a result of the father’s idiotic decision to try to cross a sea in a rubber holdall. The hidden agenda is that all these things are YOUR FAULT. That idea hangs in the air. All of us in the Healthy, Wealthy West are being accused of causing the failings of the rest of the world.


Was there an elite paedophile ring? Did that ring prey upon unfortunate boys in care? Did that ring include the highest and mightiest people in the land?

But while all that blather is occurring, almost no newspaper pundits are talking about the 5p charge for plastic bags. Not that it matters in itself. As far as I am concerned, more plastic bags will go into my rubbish than before. That is because Asda will not collect plastic bags any more. Why should they? Therefore all plastic bags which come my way will go into ‘rubbish’. I can no longer expect Asda to collect such bags. Indeed, why should Asda even contemplate collecting bags which they no longer give away free?


What we are seeing is the demise of sensible democratic government. There are no principles involved. There are only propaganda intuitions.


If there are such things, Paedophile rings are weird and rare. They would require the active cooperation of lots and lots of people.

Watch the video and think.

Excuse typos – I must to bed.


2 Responses to “The ‘Elite’ Paedophile Ring”

  1. nisakiman Says:

    My feeling is that this current obsession with ‘paedophile rings’ and ‘historical sex abuse’ (I ask you – some DJ gropes a young girl who’s fawning over him back in the 70s, and it’s ‘sex abuse’?) is just more bread and circuses for the great unwashed. We are being distracted by the media so we don’t focus on the more important issues of the day, like the EU, and immigration, and the economy.

    • junican Says:

      Yes, but I think that there is more to it. It isn’t just page 3 titillation. It could be an attempt to focus wide-spread corruption onto a few individuals, and corruption of a specific type, to divert attention from other forms of corruption.
      I see our whole political system as a completely corrupt mess. The corruption did not happen suddenly. It started when MPs became full time, highly paid parasites. It grew when expenses were allowed to be claimed for personal aggrandisement costs. It worsened when the Central Offices of the main parties chose the candidates for election – ie, those who were allowed to jump onto the gravy train.

      I have no doubt that the Brexit debate is going to be bloody, and all sorts of red herrings will be floated, but, to me, it is the £300,000,000 per day which rings massive alarm bells.

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