Do We Have a ‘Government’?

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had experienced my first 5p bag charge. Today, our groceries were delivered by Asda. Asda said that it would give people an option whether to be ‘bag-free’ or not when ordering. There was no such option when I ordered, and I was interested to see what would happen.

The groceries were received loose in Asda containers and the goods had to be unloaded by hand individually, one item at a time. On this occasion, our order was very small and it was no great problem, but it will be when we get a full order – and if it is raining cats and dogs.

So I have in mind to get some big plastic boxes with holes cut in the side which you can grip to carry the boxes. Standing in my porch, I can hand the boxes to the delivery man and tell him to transfer the goods from the Asda containers into my containers. The Asda letter said that he would ‘help’. Plastic shopping bags can be useful, so, occasionally, I’ll have the stuff delivered in bags.

Asda used to collect used bags. They seem not now to be doing so. I used to put all sorts of plastic bags into the Asda bag collection. Now, those bags will go into the bin. What else can I do with them? If the powers-that-be think that I am going to search for a ‘plastic bag bin’ at a collection centre, then it must think again. Unintended consequences

The continuing rise in ‘unintended consequences’ resulting from legislation which has been bludgeoned through on the advice of ‘experts’ leads me to think that we no longer have a ‘Government’. What we have is a ‘government’. This new ‘government’ has replaced ‘Government’ and is in command. But it is not really government because it has not been elected.

So we have elected people who pretend to be ‘Government’, but there is no reality to that ‘Government’. These elected people know full well that only the unelected ‘government’ have power. They can do nothing about it because they made it so. They made it so when they allowed their decision-making processes to become so complex that only ‘experts’ (the ‘government’) could find ways through the maze which the experts had constructed.


It is because of this deference to experts that we have gradually seen the collapse of Democracy as we know it. I’m not saying that Cameron, Farron or even Corbyn are not clever, intelligent, honest men. What I am saying is that they are out of their depth due to complexity. They do not know what is true and what is not. They are just as subject to propaganda is are the people.

Thus, despite the invasion of Europe by young, muslim men, and despite the death toll in Syria and elsewhere, they have no option but to allow some environmentalist loons to create mayhem in shops and supermarkets. And it has all been done in virtual secrecy. Where have we seen studies and statements from quack doctors and professors stating how many whales’ lives will be saved? We have seen none.

But the regulation only applies to plastic bags. So why have the supermarkets not geared up to supply paper bags? You know the sort – they are quite common – they have slightly reinforced handles so that they don’t rip. Such bags could go into the paper recycling bin.

The serious unintended consequences of this ‘expert government diktat’ are uncountable, just as the ‘smoking in cars with kids’ ‘expert government diktat’ are unknown. How many crashes will occur on motorways because Dad is having a crafty fag while the kids are asleep in the back?

Some may say that this measure is much the same as the seat belt law – that people will just ‘clunk and click’ every time. But it is not the same at all. When you get into the car, you fasten the seat belt or you do not; when you get where you are going, you unfasten it. The seat belt law has no affect on the actual intervening time between setting off and arriving.

Having a fag is a different thing altogether. The Zealots say that ‘tobacco is more addictive than heroin’. If that is true, then how can they expect an addict to go for hours without a fag while driving 200 miles down a motorway? Said addict cannot even pull off the motorway and sit in his seat with the doors wide open. He must stand outside in the rain, and get back into the car wet, thus clouding all the windows.


We need a new political party. Even the Tories have been toying with changing their name. Some have even suggested that they might opt for “The People’s Party”. Ha, ha. I wonder if UKIP could change its name? I don’t know…. Perhaps it could be “UK Empowerment Party” – UKEP. Sure, it would retain its Brexit policy and its immigration policy, but it could also include a real determination to ‘rationalise’ university research, among other things, so that only one university received grants to study a specific subject. Thus, ‘further research is required’ would necessitate the description of precisely what further research is required, what it would cost and who would do it. The mere statement ‘further research is required’ is an admission of complete failure. I use that as only one example of duplication and failure. The critical thing would be that UKEP puts the elector back into prime position.

One of the interesting things about such thinking is that it would put the EU Commission back where it belongs. It would have no power to create ‘directives’. It’s duty would be to suggest ‘best practices’.  The elector would be in ultimate, but direct, control. But somehow, the complexities created by the ‘expert government’ must be eliminated.

I have one suggestion which I think is massively important. Stop trying to keep people who are dying from doing so. I don’t mean that in a cruel sense. I mean, if there is nothing that can be done, then perhaps the dying person could allow his body to be experimented upon. But the philosophic shit hits the fan when the question is asked, “What do you mean when you say ‘nothing can be done’?”

Experts cannot decide in those circumstances. Only politicians can, since the decision are not physical (keeping alive at all costs, despite the rot) but are moral and philosophical.

But, as we have seen, ‘public health’ is amoral. It consists of amoral businessmen working mostly for Big Pharma. BP hold the purse-strings. Few of the charlatans who work in tobacco control have any interest in the morality of their ‘expert government’. They do not care.  Only the successful creation of legislation matters.


Enough for tonight. But it is worth thinking about the reversal of legislation. Such reversal need not mean repeal. It might just as well be that everyone ignores the silly law, and it just dies. That process particularly applies to Treaties. There are masses of treaties seemingly still in force, but which died because they were no longer relevant. They ceased to exist via uselessness.


So we have no “Government”. Cameron et al are puppets, as were Clegg and Miliband. Is it just remotely possible that Corbyn might produce a ‘Government’? I doubt it because, clever though he might be, he is constricted by blatherers who claim ‘expertise’.


We have no Government. Seriously important legislation, in a philosophical sense, is nodded through. The Prime Minister, and other Ministers, just hide.


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