The Ban on Smoking in Cars with ‘Kids’ present

That ban has just taken affect on 1st October 2015 in England and Wales. It has not yet happened in Scotland. I don’t know about Northern Ireland.

The mere fact that the ‘UNITED’ kingdom cannot get its act together speaks volumes. It says, with absolute clarity, that the ban is just a trick. It is not intended that it should be enforced. Such enforcement would be a waste of police time. A fine of £50, if it could be proved that a person was smoking in a car with kids present, in a vehicle moving at 70 miles per hour down a motorway, would in no way cover the costs of enforcement. The ban is not intended to be enforced. If you want to smoke in your car when going on a trip or taking them to school, do so. No one will give a toss and the police will not pull you up.

It is a confidence trick, pure and simple. Again, ‘fear’ is being used to persecute smokers, just as ‘fear’ was the weapon used in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia. ‘Fear’ is the weapon of choice for all autocrats. It has been going on for centuries.

Somehow, the autocratic tendencies of MPs must be drawn to the attention of the public. Thus, for example, Jane Ellison, Health Minister, is just as autocratic as were her predecessors, Subry and Milton. MPs who voted for the smoking ban in 2007 were exercising autocratic power. The power that they exercised was not dissimilar to the power of a parent to smack his child.

All the anti-smokING legislation, which becomes anti-smokER persecution, displays a trend of autocratic fascism. By that I mean that different political parties have the same aim regarding the specific target of smokers. Smokers must be persecuted.


The end of the persecution of smokers will only come when the terrible waste of resources in universities etc comes to light. Will that revelation show that student fees have been paying for the persecution of smokers?

I’ll leave it for tonight. Busy day tomorrow. Must to bed.


5 Responses to “The Ban on Smoking in Cars with ‘Kids’ present”

  1. elenamitchell Says:

    Perhaps some bright spark saw the prospect of Tobacco Nazis driving down motorways at 70 miles an hour taking photos of number plates and cars full of kids and a smoking driver. This could have turned into the next road sport, and what fun that wouldn’t have been.

  2. Timothy Goodacre Says:

    Another ludicrous unenforcible rule like using mobile phones in cars.
    Anti Tobacco Nazis need to be fought every inch of the way. I certainly won’t be obeying any of their silly rules !

  3. garyk30 Says:

    iF the smoker is a 17 year old, will they be charged if they are not driving?

    ‘Self endangerment’ perhaps.

  4. junican Says:

    I have said it until I am sick. The Zealots just want legislation. They are not that interested in enforcement. They just want LAWS AND LAWS AND LAWS. That is their only real measure of success.

  5. Brian Moore Says:

    l believe this to be the wedge to try and stop us all smoking in our own cars! kids or no kids.
    They have’nt broadcast though that at the moment you can still smoke in your car with kids in if its a convertible like l have!

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