“Extant” and “Extinct”

We all know the meaning of the word ‘extinct’. The word ‘extant’ is somewhat more unusual. Roughly, it means ‘existing now’.

Amazon have this system called ‘Prime’. If you pay £79 per an, you get certain benefits. One of them is loads of free films and videos. But you can have a month’s free trial. I thought that I would give it a go. NB, if you do not cancel, you will automatically be debited with £79. I have cancelled, but I still get the free trial.

I could not find the film that I wanted to watch, but there was a film called “EXTANT” which looked interesting. Anything with Halle Berry starring is good enough for me. Actually, it isn’t a film but is a US TV Series consisting of 13 episodes of about 45 min each.

The plot, very, very briefly, is that Halle B is an astronaut who goes on a mission and becomes pregnant by some sort of ‘alien lifeform’ which is roaming about in space. No details of the nature of that ‘lifeform’ or how she was inseminated are given. But she already has a ‘son’. This ‘son’ is not a produce of her womb, it is an invention of her husband. It is a ‘humanic’. That is, a robot, but one which is, externally, a human boy for all intents. She loves her son.

Her new child, a son, is born and turns out to be very powerful and dangerous. After all, he is half alien. Watch out when his pupils gets yellow rings around them! He can make a person who is holding a gun shoot themselves rather than him. Somehow, these part aliens get to spread all over the planet – how that happened is not explained, since the only one to start with was ‘the son’. Anyway, they get to be called ‘hybrids’.

It is all jolly good fun but, as is usual with US productions, is full of clichés. But what seriously interested me was that there was a hidden entity controlling everything. That entity turned out to be a super computer, built with the best of intentions decades before. It took advantage of the presence of ‘hybrids’ to build up an army of ‘humanics’ with which it intended to take control of the world once the ‘hybrids’ had been disposed of.

Naturally, Halle B finished the super computer off, the hybrids became humanised and everyone lived happily ever after – apart from all those who had been assassinated, killed and disappeared along the way.


Oddly, that series not not dissimilar to the Brit TV Series which I mentioned a couple of days ago – the one starring Edward Woodward from 1977. It was called ‘1990’ and showed a Britain in the throws of a sort of ‘lockdown’. The economy was in such a state that ‘special measures’ were enacted, but these measures were given a sheen of legitimacy by propaganda. The State had control of almost all newspapers and TV, via its control over their income and the supply of paper. To get paper for newspapers, you had to have a licence! Any newspaper which stepped out of line could have its licence revoked and would not be able to publish.


Do we not exist in such a society NOW? Is it not true that there are ‘humanics’ (shades of real human beings) manning Tobacco Control and every local authority, health dept, the catholic church, the Royal Society, the Royal College of Physicians, etc, etc? Those people are not the ‘super computer’. They are the ‘humanics’ who are programmed. The super computer is hidden from view.

To find the super computer, you would have to look behind the UN, EU, USA, CHINA, etc. It is there somewhere. Who appointed the current UN Secretary General? Who decided? Who decided that Juncker should be EU President? Who decided that Putin should be the Russian President? Who decided that Chan should be WHO President, or whatever her title is. Who decided that it was OK to spend billions of pounds of creating headquarters for these organisations and all their off-shoots? Where did the money come from? Who set them up and arranged the financing? It is odd how hard it is for ordinary people to get financing for their meagre needs, but multinational organisations seem to get millions of pounds from nowhere.

When I say “From Nowhere”, I mean it. But by the word ‘nowhere’ I mean ‘magic money’ – money created from nothing. For example, in a simple form, if the World Bank grants a loan of X millions of pounds to some desperate Country, that loan is ‘guaranteed’ by States like the USA, the UK. Germany, France, etc. But the USA do not actually pay anything. The money has been ‘created’. The World Bank creates a ‘debit’ for the Country which borrows, and creates a ‘credit’ in its ‘Guaranteed’ account.

What is the affect?

It is that those of us who have monetary saving are suckered. Our savings lose value. Money’s deposited in savings accounts in Banks lose value because interest rates do not keep up with inflation.

But perhaps it is true that such savings should lose value. After all, we get old. Why should your savings not also get old? Perhaps the answer is that you have to do work to stop your savings from getting old. That might involve investing your money in risks, such as company shares via the Stock Exchange. But there are risks. I have shares in Lloyds Bank. Some years ago, had I sold them, I could have got £10 per share. Now, you could only get about £1 per share. Thus, my £10,000 (if that were my holding) would only produce £1000 were I to sell the stock.  But it may be that my original £10,000 was massively overvalued. Ha! Ha! That is how some people get rich on the Stock Exchange – some bet on the rise in values, and some bet on the fall in values. If they bet right, they get rich. You would think that the corollary would also be true – that those who bet wrong would become impoverished. That was true decades ago when the USA stock exchange collapsed. Quite a number of people committed suicide when they became ‘less than worthless’ in a monetary sense. IDIOTS! But that is what happens when people become engrossed.


What is ‘extinct’ at this time is ‘common sense’. ‘Common Sense’ has been replaced by Surveys, which are ‘extant’.

It isn’t about when THE PEOPLE will learn. It is about when POLITICIANS will learn. The ‘smoking ban in cars with kids present’ is a perfect example. That ban is unenforcible, as even the police have acknowledged.

Is it any wonder that THE PEOPLE have no faith in what politicians do? Why should they care? Why should they not go underground and just enjoy their lives? Why should they not enjoy cannabis, heroin, cocaine, etc?


Government is a stranger.



6 Responses to ““Extant” and “Extinct””

  1. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    “…Halle Berry”

    The series ‘had’ me there…right there! Call me ‘waaaAAycist’ but I have never found black people sexually attractive. Sorry but black skin and features just don’t tick my boxes.Two notable exceptions to that rule, one a black French girl i loved, and two HB. MOJITO!

    • junican Says:

      Taste, BD, taste. To me, Halle B and Angelina Jollie have much in common. I have never thought of Halle B as being ‘black’ or Angelina J as being ‘white’. Both are delectable.

  2. Samuel Says:

    Watched the series. Loved it. Witty and creative. The second season ended, naturally, with a cliff hanger. The big, bad, artificial intelligence they took down transferred it’s “self” into a specially prepared humanic. Also, naturally, it had out thought the Humans and made plans to survive.

    On a different note I offer a couple links that might be worthwhile.



    • junican Says:

      I enjoyed watching that show but it seemed to be a bit slow to me. In particular, as an example, I thought that the fairground scene was very drawn out and irrelevant to the plot. We should not expect too much.

  3. garyk30 Says:

    Alien supercomputer, some in science believe there may be a ‘super computer’ underlying everything.

    The substratum which underlies our physical universe (so-called “pregeometry” in fundamental physics) is a networked system, a distributed self-programming computer mathematically of the same kind as human brain, except that this computer is computationally 10^80 times more powerful than human brain in any given volume.

    This super-smart network exists at Planck scale, preceding our space-time and physical laws.
    Our physical laws including the space-time are merely few patterns/regularities we have figured out so far out of the inconceivably more sophisticated computational process going on everywhere at all times.
    Biological organisms with their behaviors and evolution are other aspects of this same computation, which are not reducible to the physical aspects/laws (although patterns coexisting of the common substratum are all mutually consistent, like different images different people see in the same Rorcshach inkblot or clouds).

    Relation of our “elementary” particles to this computation is analogous to that of ‘gliders’ in the Conway’s Game of Life to the computations of the program implementing the game which produces the glider patterns.
    The Big Bang is not the creation of everything but merely the phase transition that occurred in the substratum when the network figured out the algorithms for our physical particles, fields and space-time.
    This “physical particles & fields” technology then spread out through this networked substratum, like a crystal growth in a saturated solution or like a spread of digital computer technology in our social networks.

    Nitghtlight Nautica can explain all of this ‘digital physics’ to you.

    I cannot.

    • junican Says:

      I have read elsewhere about the idea that the Universe is a ‘computer’. That idea is scientifically illiterate. Why? Because there is no scientific evidence that it is true. It is conjecture. What is known is this:
      1. All the matter in Space is expanding into Space, thus no one knows what the macro future of ‘our’ universe is.
      2. Science digs deeper and deeper into the micro, but cannot determine an end point.

      ‘Plank’s Constant(s)’ seem to determine the lowest or highest possibilities of ‘jumps’ from one energy state to another. It is hard not to assume that these constants are not related to absolute zero temperature and absolute top temperature.

      But I do not know.

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