Bureaucracy and Democracy

It is absolutely obvious, isn’t it, that, over the last several decades, Democracy has been being taken over by Bureaucracy. How many new laws have been created over the last forty years? Does anyone know? Remember that every new regulation which is the result of an Act of Parliament is, itself, a new law. Thus, if the ecig regulations in section 20 of the new EU Tobacco Directive is enacted, each requirement of that section is a separate new law. “Not more than 10 cl per cartridge” is a new law; not more than 2% nicotine is a new law. Every demand is a new law. Further, when an Act enables the Sec of State to produce regulations, not specified in the Act, each and every regulation is a new law.

We are being buried under six feet of new laws.

The consequence is that no one, other than bureaucrats and lawyers, know what ‘the law’ is. Politicians are way, way, way out of their depth. They themselves do not know, at any given time, whether they are breaking a law or not! Was not the ‘expenses scandal’ just such a thing? Some MPs really believed that they could claim the cost of cleaning moats on their MP’s expenses; some of them claimed the costs of holidays, pretending that they were doing ‘research’. They thought that, provided that they did not breech the limit, that anything could be claimed, like new TVs, burglar alarms, etc. Buy a property in London (on an ‘interest only’ mortgage), rent it out and live with relatives or friends or commute. ENTITLEMENT, you see. We see FRAUD.

I personally believe that the reason that laws like the smoking in cars ban, PP and the 5p per bag law get through is that politicians are, a) swamped, and, b) ignorant, and, c) fearful. For example, I see no reason to expect that Parliament will not pass laws which enact the requirements of the Tobacco Control Directive, even though it has already passed laws which exceed the requirements of that Directive.

Why are these things happening in our formerly ‘free’ country? Why are being swamped by more and more new ‘laws’, day after day? Why has the medical profession become the new church of God? “Everlasting life, here and now!”


The above is because I have been watching an ancient BBC video called ‘1990’. It was produced in 1977. It purports to imagine a situation in 1990 where, as a result of a collapse in the economy, totalitarian measures were required to ‘save the nation’. Thus, laws were enacted to stop ‘people employed in essential jobs’ from emigrating. That included doctors.

But the important thing about the story is really about how Ministers were useless. In this story, there is a Sec of State for security who is just a loud-mouthed, vulgar authoritarian. He shouts and blusters a lot. He does nothing. Everything is done by the bureaucrats. He is the ‘public face’ of the bureaucracy, who actually believes that he is in control, where the fact is that he is a servant of the bureaucracy.

It is a good story and stars a young Edward Woodward. It was drawn to my attention by:


via someone else (plaudits to whoever).

Here is the URL which takes you to the serial. There were several episodes:

I’ve watched two episodes so far and intend to watch at least one more tonight.


In this story, the disastrous economic situation has resulted in rationing of food etc, wage freezes, quotas – aka a socialist paradise. But not everyone complies, and so ‘programs of correction’ are required and heavy mobs are needed to enforce regulations.

I am about to watch Episode 3. It is all a bit dated, but the principles involved are just as applicable today. Politicians are ineffective. They are clowns in a virtual circus. They soften the affect of the lions and tigers which prowl about, feeding on the body politic.



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  1. J Brown Says:

    In this story, the disastrous economic situation has resulted in rationing of food etc, wage freezes, quotas – aka a socialist paradise.”
    So, an economic situation similar to WW2, although hardly remembered as a ‘socialist paradise’. ???

    In any event, while it is true that these laws and regulations are multiplying, particularly about smoking and tobacco, I wonder….aside from the small internet groups that complain and bemoan such changes, where is the public opposition? Where were the pub owners who protested the anti-smoking ban? Where is the public who decries this ‘nanny state’ that prevents them from smoking in their cars with children? While it may be logical that big tobacco is keeping quiet due to their history of manipulation of research and information, where is everyone else??

    • junican Says:

      1. Only around 20/25% of the population are smokers.
      2. The laws were preceded by massive fear-mongering propaganda.
      3. Publicans were told that masses of non-smokers were queueing to go to pubs if it were not for tobacco smoke.
      4. Publicans were forced to police the bans.
      5.The proposed laws were changed at the last minute.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    In the USA, every year about 20,000 laws are passed by elected lawmakers.

    More regulations/laws are put into effect by the un-elected regulators, such as the EPA.

    Such stuff is very seldom repealed; but, often added onto.

    In New York City,it takes months and hundreds of dollars to get thru all of the paperwork required to open a lemonade stand.

    • junican Says:

      It’s the same over here. One a law is enacted, only in the most unusual circumstance will the law be repealed. That is what TC is relying upon.

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