I’m surprised that the spell check accepted that word.

What is ‘Amorality’?

We have ‘moral’ and we have ‘immoral’. Are there ideas which are neither one or the other? Clearly there are, such as the physical state of the Universe. Galaxies, Suns, Planets, Gasses, etc, move around. They do not have any ‘morality’ at all. You could therefore say that those ‘things’, and the evolution of those ‘things’ are amoral.

Do animals have any sense of morality at all? I doubt it.

Only human beings have any concept of morality.

Can I also treat ‘ethics’ as part of ‘morality’? You see, if ethics is not part of morality, it does not exist.

What is our base ‘morality’? Is it ‘TRUTH’? Though ‘truth’ is essential, I don’t think that truth is the base of morality or immorality. ‘Truth’ is a ‘sine qua non’ which must exist before morality or immorality can be considered.

AMORALITY is very different. It does not need to be wicked or evil, moral or immoral.


There are those who trying to move amoral things like global warming into morality as the general public see it. “It is a SIN to drop a piece of paper in the street because it causes global warming”.

That is a perversion of ‘morality’ since it creates ‘immorality’ out of things.


‘Moral’ Acts are helping others. Immoral Acts are taking advantage of others. Amoral acts are 99% of how we behave in the modern world.

The vast majority of British people are ‘amoral’, and why should they not be so? Parliament has lead the way – it is amoral.

I regard the British People as a mass of amoral people. They are not immoral, in the sense of being burglars etc,  nor are they moral in the sense of being caring. The majority just do their own thing. There is a sadness in the collapse of local values. I suppose that the values of Public Health England, ASH ET AL, CRUK, ETC, must be far superior.



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