From the BBC: “The EU Solves the Migrant Crisis”

I am just watching the BBC News. Apparently, the EU Commissars have solved the migrant problem. But the report did not say how. It just showed the usual pictures of women and babies.

What is the BBC doing!!!!! The BBC reporting seems to be totally divorced from the facts.

The facts are that the vast majority of the ‘refugees’ are young men. That would be OK if the BBC treated the matter honestly. For example, if these young men were moving to Germany to get work and were intending to send money back to their families at home. In the 1950s, lots of people emigrated to Australia from the UK. They left their old folk behind. Once they had sorted themselves out, no doubt they helped out their old folk back home.

Well, perhaps they did. Perhaps they sent them a dead rabbit at Christmas.


But that is not the most important thing.

If millions of Africans, Asians and whatever migrate to Europe, then it ought to be possible for millions of Europeans to migrate to those places. Somalia, for example, would almost certainly benefit from the migration of a million Brits, complete with guns, ships and aircraft.

Oh Dear! It isn’t the millions of Brits that would be the problem. It would be the ‘guns, ships and aircraft’. But how can you establish civilisation without the ‘guns, ships and aircraft’?

We have learnt (although it was already obvious) that the EU can only function because the States are supine. Individual States roll over to have their tummies tickled. When the shit hits the fan, the EU is useless. It works well when it comes to bans, but is worthless when it comes to construction.

But that was not the case when the Common Market was envisaged. The rules were clear and simple – no State would in the Common Market would erect barriers to trade. But that simple idea needed to be refined. ‘Common Standards’ of manufactured goods were required. That standard seems to have been settled at ‘good for purpose’ for two years, but is still fluent.

What has happened in the recent past is the the Common Market has been transformed into an Empire. It has an Emperor, but no one knows who or what the Emperor is. The Emperor is not Juncker. He is a figurehead, stuck onto the prow of the ship. No one knows who the Emperor is.

I vaguely suspect that The Emperor is President Obama, by virtue of his control of the World Bank.

Would it not be wonderful if Corbyn spilt the beans about what the hell is going on?


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