Preparation for Legislation

A short post tonight.

It is obvious that legislation must be prepared. It follows therefore that the ideas which create the need for legislation must be aired and discussed.

What seems to have been happening over the last couple of decades is that ‘the discussion’, in terms of rational thought, have taken place in secret. Only ‘experts’ have been allowed to take part in the discussions.

From these secret discussions has come policy. Thus, after fulsome discussions in high places, it was decided that the tobacco industry must be destroyed, no matter how long it might take or what methods might be used. The objective is simple – the tobacco industry must be destroyed.

The same applies to ‘Global Warming’. Discussions in high places have decided that all ‘heat’ (aka ‘energy’) produced from any source other than natural phenomena like wind, will cause the surface of the planet to get too hot for mankind to continue to exist. What they have never considered is that freezing condition will polish off mankind a damned sight more quickly than hot conditions.

But the important thing is that the decisions are taken by unnamed and unaccountable ‘experts’.  What they say could be utter crap, as witnessed by ‘miasmas’ as causes of malaria and cholera – and Second Hand Tobacco Smoke as the cause of LC or any other ‘disease’.

Why does our ‘Government’ give way to ‘experts’? We do not elect a ‘Government’ to do what ‘experts’ say. If our Government did what experts say, then we would be back into fascist, totalitarian ‘expertise’. Everyone would be happy that we are all starving together.

It may take some time, but I’m sure that our universities will revert to seats of learning.


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