The Civil War Between Public Health England and The Rebels re Ecigs

It is nice to stand on the terraces and watch the match, even though I support neither side. It is like going the the football cup final just to be there and enjoy the experience.

After a first half of resolute defence from ecig defenders (Come on ye bluues!) against the attacks of the reds, the anti-ecig idealists, in the first minute of the second half, the BLUES scored a magnificent GOAL!!! GOAL!!! GOAL!!! Public Health England (PHE) declared that ecigs were tons safer than tobacco cigs. Not to be denies, the Anti-ecig team threw its best players into the attack. After a scuffle in the goalmouth, it scored a goal, but only a disputed goal. PHE then fought back, rallying its team, and scored again and again. Its claim that ecigs are 95% safer than tobacco cigs won the match. Commenter reflected upon the result. A few suspected that PHE had imported ‘unregistered’ players, but many said that PHE had not even put its best players into the team. Had it done so, it could have wiped the floor with the Reds by showing that ecigs are 99.9% safer than tobacco cigs. But there were those who said that throwing all the players forward into attack would have left the defence wide open to opportunistic raids from deep in the Reds’ half.

The Blues won the match, but this is a five, or more, match series, so anything might happen yet. The EU (Governing Body) might change the rules and allow the Reds to have a team of 22 players while restricting the Blues to a team of 11. That is possible because the EU has complete control. There are bets to be considered. The EU is also the bookmaker and stands to cream off billions of beer tokens.

Forgive my cynicism. I am cynical because, at the same time as approving ecigs, PHE supports the EU Tobacco Directive, which has decided that ecigs are the same thing as tobacco. PHE supports ecigs as a less harmful ‘tobacco product’. Its justification is that the nicotine in ecigs is most easily extracted from cured tobacco plant leaves. But is that true? I doubt it. I suspect (without knowing), that nicotine can more easily be extracted from green leaves. There is no need to go through the expensive process of curing the leaves. I read a research paper from a group in Israel which described the extraction of nicotine from both cured leaves and green leaves. It is some time ago, but I think that the objective was merely to see if there was any difference between the two methods. I could swear that the research found no difference. That is, it is just as easy to extract nicotine from green leaves as cured leaves.

The green leaves of tobacco plants are not tobacco. Even when the leaves have been cured, they are still not traded as ‘tobacco’. They are in the first stage of becoming tobacco after due process. Thus, in the EU, the trade in cured leaves is ‘agricultural’ and not ‘tobacco’. In the USA, I don’t think that the question even arises. Cured tobacco plant leaves are an agricultural commodity which is bought and sold. Only when that commodity is aged, flavoured, processed in many different ways, turned into cigs, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, snus, etc, does it become a ‘tobacco product’. The green leaves and cured leaves are not themselves ‘tobacco products’. Most people who grow their own would testify that the cured leaves are unpleasant to smoke until they have been aged, and/or treated in some way to sweeten the taste and/or remove the harshness.

The latest TPD is a farce. God only know how many millions of pounds have been wasted on its production and its processing. Cameron et al do not give a shit about that waste. They will not oppose the ‘school dinner’ type childish ‘one size fits all’ totalitarian scheme.

Our politicians, to a man, are pathetic. They did not used to be so. They used to put the interests of Britain and its people first and foremost. It may have been a struggle, but they did not defer to instructions from unelected apparatchiks. NO WAY would Britain defer to the decisions emanating from Germany or elsewhere.

But it is also true that, as things are at the moment, far too much of the wealth of this country is held by a small number of people, people who suck money out of the economy in great quantities without doing any ‘work’ at all. I speak especially of ‘landowners’. I find it weird, historically, that railways could be nationalised while the land, which belongs to all the people, could not.

Enough for tonight.


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